Monday, February 27, 2017

"Oh the Places You'll Go!" Craft & Printable

Oh, the Place You'll Go! Is my favorite Dr. Seuss book. 
Last year we made some hot air balloons inspired by this book.  This was when I wasn't blogging much so I wasn't too worried about pictures...hopefully you get the idea :)
To make them we cut clear contact paper in the share of a balloon.  We cut shapes and squares out of construction paper and stuck them on the stick side.  Once they are done add 2 strings to the bottom then place another piece of clear contact paper to the top to seal.  I cut the second piece after it was on.  cut a small rectangle for your basket and fold in half.  sandwich the yarn and staple the yarn and the sides together.

And with such a great book I had to make a printable as well.  I love the motivational and life lessons in this book.

(To grab a copy for yourself-right click and save to your computer.  You can print at home or use your favorite place.  its sized as a 5x7)

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