Saturday, February 18, 2017

Courage does not always roar (free print)

Have you ever ran across a quote that just hits you.  It makes you stop and you realize that is exactly what I needed to hear. This is one that did just that to me.  I found it when we were struggling with infertility and miscarriages and it brought me peace.  When I felt like all the fight had left me this gave me the strength to keep day at a time.  Now it helps as I move through motherhood and each day realize I have so much room for improvement.

I love this print and I'm excited to have this printed and hanging in my home.  

You are welcome to grab a copy for yourself.  
(You can save it to your computer by right clicking.  Print it at home or where ever you print your photos.  It is sized to fit a 5x7 frame.)

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