Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Patriotic pillows

I love to decorate for holiday's but I don't really have the budget or the storage space to go all out for every singe one.  My solution pillows and pillow covers.  They are quick to make, inexpensive, can be made for any theme, easy to change any time, and they are pretty easy to store. 
The Fourth of July is coming up and I needed some decorations so I pulled out some red, white, and blue fabric scraps and went to work. I had just enough to make an adorable patchwork pillow.  If you can sew a straight line you can make this! add a little stuffing and it's ready to go.

With the left over scraps from the first pillow I was able to make a cute bunting design to add to this envelop style pillow cover.  Again minimal sewing, an old pillow, and a clever way to make the perfect letters (quick and easy of course!) completes this pillow. 

First I cut a few triangles for the corner
 On my computer I sized and printed out the words
 pin it under your fabric
 use a sharpie and start tracing the letters and coloring it in.  (you can also use paint or a paint pen)
 don't forget to draw the line behind your bunting.
 sew your bunting, and the back of your pillow (either envelope style or you can stuff it)

With the basics of these two pillow styles and your choice of fabric, makes decorating for any room or holiday easy and fun!