Friday, June 28, 2019

Come Follow Me: Acts 1-5 (July 1-7)

I'm really excited for this weeks activities and hope you find something that works for your primary class or family.  This week for Come Follow Me we are covering Acts 1-5.  You can find the lesson here.  All of the free lesson helps can be found in the download at the end of this post.

"Jesus Christ leads His Church through prophets and apostles.

Learning about how the Savior led His ancient Church through apostles can help the children gain testimonies of prophets and apostles in our day." (primary Manual)
We are going to use one of the suggestions of playing a match game with the current prophet and apostles.  Print the 3 pages on cardstock.  Cut the cards apart.  Place the cards upside down and take turns drawing 2 at a time. If you get a match read a fact about that person.  You can find a bunch of facts and a fishing game in this post.

To follow up with the match game we are going to talk about some of the things the prophet and apostle teach us.  There is a poster page and a page of circles.  Print and cut out the circles and place them in a bag.  Take turns drawing a circle now you can either share what is on the circle or use it to play pictionary or charades.  After glue or tape the circle to the poster and use it as a cute reminder of the lesson through out the week.

 To teach the story of Peter and John healing the lame man we are going to use narrators and actors.  Print the story, and the page of people.  Cut the people out.  Now you can either punch a hole in the top and add yarn to create necklaces that your actors can wear OR attach them to Popsicle stick and use for a puppet show.  I also just added a clapper board (I think that's what its called).  Cut the bottom and top piece out.  Attach with a brad so it can open and close.  Let some one use it and yell action and cut before and after you begin.  I've done this with my primary class and they think its the greatest thing :)
Acts 2:1-8 talks about the gift of tongues.  I thought it would be fun to review the 7th Article of Faith.  I included a fill in the blank page and you can talk about spiritual gifts.  Ask them what they think the gift of tongues is and who has this gift.

To keep going with this theme we are going to learn the song "Children all over the World" from the primary song book.   Its a lot of fun to learn how to say thank you in a few different languages.  I also included some fun puzzles.  To put the puzzles together you will need to find the language, a country that speaks that language, and the word thank you in that language.  There are two versions of the puzzles.  One is a self check puzzle and the other one is harder because all of the pieces will fit together.  I know some of your little ones can't read so use the self check one and you can read the words to them.  The final activity was inspired by my 11 year olds love for research.  Its just a simple country research paper.  Have your kids pick a country-maybe one you or someone you know served a mission.  Write the country under all about.  The research or ask some one what language they speak, how to say different phrases in that language, and then a few fun facts.  It would be really fun to present your findings to your family.

That's it for this week.  As always thank you so much for stopping by and if you have any questions or trouble with the download please let me know :)

Friday, June 21, 2019

Come Follow Me: Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20–21 (June 24-30)

Here are a few free Come Follow Me Lesson Helps for June 24-30 covering Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, and John 20-21.   The download is available at the bottom of this post.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
Print the board game, Sheep, and grass cards. Cut the sheep and the mouth out.  Glue to a box or a bag and cut the mouth shape out.  Cut the grass cards apart.  After you read John 21 discuss what Jesus meant when he said "feed my sheep"  Use a button (or any game piece) for each person.  Roll a dice and move the correct number of spaces.  If you land on a grass piece share a way you can "feed Jesus's sheep".  You can write it on the back of the grass card or just share it.  Feed the card to the sheep.  The first person to the barn wins.  Try to do a few of the ideas you came up with during the week.

In this chapter Jesus calls Simon by name and asks if he loves him and gives the instruction to feed his sheep.  Our Savior asks us the same thing.  For this coloring page have your kids write their name on the line and talk about ways you can feed his sheep.
This is from last General Conference.  I loved this analogy and think its a great way to teach about the atonement.  After gather some supplies and make a parachute!  I think this idea looks fun.

This is a fun object lesson to teach about the Resurrection.  Wrap and empty box and attach the gift tag included in the download.  Tell your kids inside the box there is something that represent one of the greatest gifts we've ever been given.  When they open the box and find it empty talk about the empty tomb and the gift the Savior gave to us.

You can use these puppets to retell the story.  Attach a brad to the rock and connect to the tomb so you can roll it open and closed.  I also included a smaller set that the kids can color and create their own.

These cards can be used in a couple different ways to teach about the experience of those that saw Jesus after he was Resurrected.  I thought it would be fun to play a guessing game for example give clues to help them guess what person/people you are talking about.  Another idea would be to pass out a person to each family member (or group) and have them read about that persons experience.  Then share what they learned with the group.

After learning about Thomas's experience talk about what it means to have faith.  How do we have faith in Jesus even though we can not see him?  You can use this coloring page to draw or write ways we can feel our Saviors love.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Come Follow Me: Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19 (June 17-23)

This week for Come Follow Me we are covering the trial and Crucifixion of the Savior (Matthew 27Mark 15Luke 23John 19).  My plan for this week is a little different.  I'm not sure if its summer and I'm hoping to do a little activity each day or if its because this can be a hard topic to teach little ones. So this week I have a story with a craft or activity for each topic.  I'm hoping this will help my little ones understand the importance and the difficulty of what Jesus did for us.  As I was studying the thought kept coming to my mind that He really does love me and I'm hoping to get that message across to my kids.  I really want to teach these sad events in a way that is appropriate for their age but also teach them the importance of what happened and that even in these final hours he still showed us the perfect way to live.

There are several videos in the primary manual

The Trial-If you have followed me for a while then you might now how much I love Elder' Uchtdorf's talk "Behold The Man"  At Easter (and next week) I like to share the first part of his talk.  This week we are going to use the part under the title "Do we "Behold the Man?"  He shares the events in a way that's easy to understand and then asks the question do we "behold the man?"  read through until the last 2 paragraphs (they are in bold).  For this part you are going to use the other page as you read this part.  2 ideas-The first is to cut along all the lines and carefully tape to a picture of Jesus.  As you read the lines take the paper off to uncover parts of the picture.  Pull off "behold the man" last to reveal the full picture.  2nd idea- There is an extra page in the download that is blank except for a line that says glue.  In the blank area your kids can draw a picture of a way they can follow the Savior.  Cut the first page along the horizontal lines.  Glue the "behold the man" part to the picture page where it says glue.

The Crucifixion:
Parable of the Push-ups- Start with a push-up contest.  Share the story.  Finish by making or eating donuts.  This is such a great way for kids to visualize the difficulty of the task Jesus faced and he did it for everyone.  It reminds me of quote from Elder Uchtdorf's talk  "He did this for all who believe in Him.  He did this for all who do not believe in Him. He did this even for those who mock, revile, and curse His name."

I remember hearing this book (affiliate link) years ago and purchased it for this week.   It tells the story of Christ's life from the perspective of the 3 trees.  Its a beautiful and sweet story.
In the beginning the 3 trees share their dream or wish of what they want to become.  You can use the page included and let your kids share their wish or dream for the future.  Another idea would be to do a fun tree craft. Maybe this one or this one.

Jesus Forgave-The words for this came from last years primary manual.  This would be a great way to share the scripture story and events.  We are also going to talk about forgiveness this week and this leads in perfectly.  There are small story cards that you can print or you can print the large pages.  Another option would be to save in and show the pages on your computer or phone.

The Pebble of Forgiveness-This is a story from the friends.  Read or summarize.  Try the activity in the story and have everyone place a pebble in their shoe.  Try walking around.  How does it feel? 
Another fun activity would be to paint rocks.  Display in a place that they will see them often and be reminded of the importance to forgive others.

Calvin's Awesome Space Jet-This is another story from the friend.  After you read it talk about Calvin's reaction.  Then pull out some blocks or legos and build your own awesome creation!

Download Activities here and Scripture story here

Friday, June 7, 2019

Come Follow Me: Matthew 26; Mark 14; Luke 22; John 18 (June 10-16)

This week we are covering Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22, & John 18 during our Come Follow Me lessons.  All of the printables are in a free download at the end of this post.  The next few weeks we are covering the last few days of Christ's life and then his Resurrection. I've loved diving a little deeper with each event and I know my testimony has been strengthened. I do think some of these topics can be a little harder to teach younger children (even older children). My hope is you will find something that will help you teach your family about the great love our Heavenly Father and Savior have for us.  

The Last Supper:  This is a great time to teach about the sacrament.  We had a lesson last year on this topic and I thought a lot of the activities I made for that would be perfect for this week.  

Bible Video: Minute 2:20-3:24is . There are also two other great options in the primary manual.

 Cut apart and fold the words back so your kids can't see them. Read or tell the story of the last supper and when you get to the part about the bread pause and ask them if they know what it represents.  Do the same for the water.  After they answer the question you can unfold the paper and read that statement.  

This is also a good time to learn a few ways we can be more reverent during the Sacrament.  One way is to think of a favorite story about Jesus.  Take a few minutes and have the children draw a picture of their favorite story.  Then have everyone share their picture and story so we'll have lots of story ideas to think about during the Sacrament.  It would also be fun to compiled in a book that can be looked at during the Sacrament.

Older Kids may like to write down some stories, scriptures, or songs.  This printable and be cut and tucked inside their scriptures for easy reference. 

Reverence can be hard so here's a great way to review how we can be reverent during the sacrament.  Print out the Question page (the page with the boy) and print and cut the circles on the next page.  Place the circles in a bag and have the children take turns drawing them.  After ask if they have any ideas and write them on your page.

Here's another activity to teach more about being reverent during the Sacrament. Print and cut out the cards.  Take turns picking a card and decide if its something we should or should not think or do during the sacrament.  If it's something good have them give you a thumbs up or if its something we should do have them do a thumbs down or think of a different action like smiling and frowning. 

Mini coloring book with the lyrics to the song.  Print one for each child.  Cut the pages apart and bind either with staples or  hole punch the top corner and bind with a book ring or ribbon. They can color and make the book during the week and read during the Sacrament OR create the book now but let them color it during the Sacrament.

Primary suggestions: If you have an older class they can cut and staple the books together during class.  For younger classes I would have it ready ahead of time.  If you are like me and have a few kids that are not real interested in making one for themselves (this could also read as a couple of 8 year old boys that have no interest in any of my coloring activities haha)  encourage them to make one for their younger siblings. My hope is that they will bring this little book to church with them and look through it during Sacrament meeting.

Sacrament Puzzle: Print and cut into 5 puzzle pieces-make sure you have one question on each puzzle piece. Make sure you have one question per puzzle piece.  Place pieces on the table or hide around the room.  Answer the questions and put the puzzle together.  (B&W version also included)

A cute visual for the week :)

Garden Of Gethsemane: Often we focus on our Savior suffering for our sins but he also suffered for all of our pain and saddness.  "Explain that Jesus, in some way that we do not fully understand, felt all the pain and sadness that everyone has ever felt. This means that He can help us feel better when we feel sad, hurt, or upset." (Primary Manual)I love the following two quotes:

Elder Bednar explain The Savior has suffered not just for our sins and iniquities—but also for our physical pains and anguish, our weaknesses and shortcomings, our fears and frustrations, our disappointments and discouragement, our regrets and remorse, our despair and desperation, the injustices and inequities we experience, and the emotional distresses that affected us.
There is no physical pain, no heartache, no infirmity or weakness you or I ever confront in mortality that the Savior did not experience first. In a moment of weakness we may cry out, “No one knows what it is like. No one understands.” But the Son of God perfectly knows and understands, for He has felt and borne our individual burdens. And because of His infinite and eternal sacrifice (see Alma 34:14), He has perfect empathy and can extend to us His arm of mercy. He can reach out, touch, succor, heal, and strengthen us to be more than we could ever be and help us to do that which we could never do relying only upon our own power. Indeed, His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

I love how sister Linda S. Reeves explained this-our Savior has taken upon Himself not only all our sins but also our pains and our suffering and afflictions so that He can know what we feel and how to comfort us.

Bible Video-found here.  For little ones this animated one is a good option.

Gethsemane song: This is one of my favorite Primary songs and a great way to talk about the events of the atonement.  I love this sweet version or this one from

I love the story President Hinckley shared years ago about a new teacher and two students named Tim and John.  He called it a modern day parable of sorts.  I think this story really helps illustrate what our Savior did for us.  He took our spot and "took our licking for us"  He did what we could not do for ourselves. 

Coloring Page: I felt my Savior's love coloring page.  There is a quote from the song "Gethsemane" and a spot to write or draw a picture about a time you felt the Savior's love.

I can follow the Savior's example game: Jesus provided the perfect example for us.  When asked to do a unimaginably hard thing the Savior did what Heavenly Father needed him to do.  There are times when we are asked to do hard things.  Things we may not want to do or are scared to do.  We can follow the Saviors example and respond with "Not my will but thine."  Another important part of this story is that Heavenly Father did not leave him but sent an angel to help strengthen him.  
After you share this part of the story you can play this fun game that also works as a great review.  Its simple.  On a players turn they can share one way they can or have follow the Saviors example.  After they answer they roll a dice and move the correct number of spaces.  Then its the next person turn.  The first person to make it to the finish line wins.  
To set up: print and tape the two pieces of the board together.  You will also need a game marker for each person (buttons or other game pieces work great) and a dice. 
If someone is having a hard time coming up a way they can follow the Christ's example remind them of some of the lessons we've had recently-how have they served someone, shown love to a neighbor, helped a stranger, blessed or helped someone, read the scriptures, shared the gospel, etc.

That's it for this week!  I hope you find something that works for your family or primary class.  As always if you have any questions or trouble downloading a file or find a mistake please let me know!  Thanks for stopping by :)