Monday, November 5, 2018

I can Forgive Others Primary Lesson Helps (Primary 2 Lesson 40)

My internet was down for several days last week.  Sorry if you were one of those trying to access my mini sacrament book.  So this one is also a little late and I'll be posting the lesson 41 later this week in hopes to catch up. 

So here we go.  Here are some fun primary lesson helps for Lesson 40 I can forgive others.  I really love this lesson, especially the scripture story. 

Attention activity: We are going to act out the scenario.  Bring books and paper (or any other items that can be dropped).  Ask 2 children to help you act out this scenario.  If you have the option of either older kids that can read or an extra teacher in your class-have them go in the hall and quickly plan out how they want to do this.  If this is not an option for you then just help them wing it as  you read the scenario to the class :)

I've included a page to hand to the children/other teacher if you are going to go that route.  Also my class LOVED the action clapper we used a few lessons ago so I included one of those too. 

(The title has been update in this download)  To use print the 2 pages on cardstock and cut.  Attach the top piece with a brad.  Let the kids take turns saying action and cut.

Teacher presentation: I had a few ideas to do this.  First print both pages.  
idea #1-cut around the pattern hearts BUT leave a little bit on the side so it stays connected but becomes like a little door. Glue the paper with the words directly behind it so when you open the little "door hearts" you can see the words.  Have the kids take turns opening the "doors" and read what's behind it.
idea #2.  Leave the pattern heart page as is.  Cut out the hearts with words and hide them around the room.  Have the kids hunt for them and when they are found glue them to the top of the patterned hearts.  

Scripture Story: I chose to use real picture instead of clip art (all images are from Each page  has the words from the manual.  These specific words brought the spirit into my heart so strong and I felt that I needed to share them word for word.  I teach the 7 & 8 year olds and will be using these with my class.  However, decide if your class (and age) group will be okay with seeing these pictures.  
In the download there are 4 pages with words for this story.  I've included both full page for each as well as the smaller story cards size that can easily be printed and cut apart.  For the full page you can print them or save some ink and show on your computer or phone.  If there is interest I can also include the jpeg. version that you can have printed at your favorite store. Let me know :)  

Word Strip: Print and display

Story about Kent:  Instead of my usual story cards we are going to do puppets!  Cut around each image and attach to a Popsicle stick.

Discussion and Review activity: Going with the leaf theme I have 3 ideas for this game as well. 

1st idea: Print the leaves and the rake.  (cardstock for the rake).  Cut around the leaves and the rake.  Attach a magnet on the back side of the rake.  Add paperclips only to the leaves with numbers.  Mix and dump the leaves on the table. Have the kids take turns raking up the leaves until they find one that sticks.  Ask the question that corresponds with the number on the leaf. (I'll add some pictures of this in action soon)
2nd idea: Print just the extra page of leaves.  Number them 1-9 (you will need to take off 2 of the questions from the review page).  Place them in a bag and let the kids draw a leaf and ask the question.
3rd idea: Print and cut all of the leaves (not the extra page of leaves) and the rake (2 if you want to make it a race).  Spread them out on the table or floor.  Call out a number between 1 and 11.  Have them quickly find the correct number and slap it with the rake.  Ask the question that goes with the number.  You can add magnets and paper clips for some extra fun.

Enrichment ideas:
Alternate coloring page

Enrichment activity 1:  This idea teaches the same concept- For my class I am going to try this paper airplane idea.  Then we are going to decorate and make paper airplanes.  I have a group of 8 year old boys that do not have a lot of interest in any activity.  I'm hoping this will inspire them to listen and participate. 
Here's a cute coloring page to go with the airplane idea

Another great visual idea: found here
Enrichment idea #3:  I found cute puppets  here

Download the lesson helps here and here


  1. Thank you so much for your great ideas and art work! I really appreciate all of your help!

    1. You are very welcome :) Thanks for your sweet comment and stopping by!

  2. I am using this week to help me teach "Come Follow Me". Paul was asking the saints in Corinth to forgive a man. This lesson is perfect to teach forgiveness. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and helping teach the gospel!

  3. I am going to use this with the "Come Follow Me" lesson this week. Paul had asked the saints in Corinth to forgive a man and to love him. This lesson is perfect to teach forgiveness. Thank you for sharing your creativity and teaching the gospel!

  4. LOVE all these ideas! I was struggling this week and you have totally saved my kiddos from a boring lesson. Quick question -- the leaf activity -- where can I find the review questions that you refer to? Thanks!