Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Hello everyone! Sumo, from Sumo's Sweet Stuff here!
Sumo's Sweet Stuff
I'm excited that Crystal asked me to help while she is enjoying the last little bit of summer!
This is a tutorial I've shared on my blog before, but I think it is super fun, and a great way to spruce up any outfit!

Okay. It's no secret around here that I'm a lover of jewelry. I rarely leave the house without it, even if I'm just in my gauchos and t-shirt!
Here's what you need:
- beads, beads, beads! (Yes, I realize that's a lot of beads. No, it's not even close to all the beads I own.)
- chains of varying sizes
- two large lobster clasps
- one smaller lobster clasp
- crimp beads
- scissors
- crimping tool
- beading wire
- split rings

The large flower bead had holes for two wires to string through it. So measured the chain that would be going around my neck on one side, strung it through a small piece of wire, and then put both sides of the wire through the large bead. (Sorry, I know the picture is fuzzy; I couldn't get very good clear shots today for some reason. I'm probably one of the last bloggers on earth still using a point and shoot!)

Then I took a large lobster clasp and put it on a split ring. On the two pieces of wire that have come through the large bead, string together with a crimp bead. Then loop the wires around the split ring and back through the crimp bead. Use your crimping tool to press the crimp bead down, securing it all in place. Trim any excess wire.

Measure a second piece of chain to go around your neck. Open up one of the rings and put a smaller lobster clasp on. This will connect the two sides on the back of your neck. At the bottom of the second piece of chain, attach another split ring with a lobster clasp on it by opening up another ring and close the ring around it. My crimping tool is handy for this! This is what you've got so far!

Now it's time to start making the fun bead strands! Take a piece of wire, put a crimp bead on it, loop the wire around a split ring and back through the crimp bead. Press the crimp bead down, securing your loop around the split ring.

String on your beads to the length that you want. Secure the end with another crimp bead and split ring.

Here's how it looks attached on to your base necklace pieces.

Measure different lengths of varying sizes of chains, and hook those on to your necklace. You like?

But maybe you don't feel like wearing those clear beads. How about a strand of black pearls?

What's that? It's spring, and time for bright colors? Okay, done.

Or you could always keep it classic with regular pearls.

For a simple look, maybe you just want a few different chains hanging on.

This strand may be my favorite: an eclectic group of clear and silver beads.

So there you have it. A boutique style necklace, with lots and lots of options to make it work for you!
Thanks for letting me stop by today, Crystal! I hope you are having a great vacation!