Thursday, October 14, 2021

Free Come Follow Me Lesson Helps: I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ


These adorable activities are perfect for Come Follow Me!  Use that at home during FHE or your daily scripture study or in your primary class.  This goes along perfect with this week's Come Follow Me lesson covering Doctrine and Covenants 115-120. We will be focusing on the General Conference talk from Elder Anderson at this past conference and from President Nelson's talk in 2018 and learning about the importance of using the full name of the church.

Puzzle Activity: Below there are two ideas to use these boards. Print the desired puzzle and cut along the lines.  There is an optional number mat that is helpful when putting the puzzle together. There are also 2 levels.  If you have littler kids you may want to use the easier version with numbers located in the corner of each square. 

Activity 1: Use the colored version as a group activity. Hide the pieces around the room.  When a piece is found place it on the blank number board and share one of the quotes from these talks.  Continue until all of the pieces have been found and quotes have been read.

Activity 2: Use the black and white version and allow the children to color the picture.  Help them cut out the puzzle and mix up the pieces.  Help them glue the puzzle back together on the mat or on a piece of construction paper.  Share some of your favorite quotes or read one as they glue each piece in place.

There is also a coloring page included for an easy prep activity. 

Download the free printable activities here

Friday, October 1, 2021

Free Roll and Cover Sheep Craft

We finished the cutest little sheep craft during preschool. The best part is it's also a math activity.
The little ones rolled a dice and find glued a cotton ball on top of the number.  They continued rolling and gluing until all 6 numbers were covered.  

After they colored their picture.  They were pretty proud of their adorable little sheep.