Sunday, January 28, 2024

Come Follow Me: 1 Nephi 16-22

* originally posted in 2020

I'm excited to share a few ideas with you today.  We are going to cover the Liahona, Nephi's broken bow, and Nephi building a boat from 1 Nephi 17-22.  This ideas are great for families and primary classes.  You can find all of the printables in a free download at the end of this post.

This first idea comes from the Individual and Family manual.   I loved the introduction and the idea of comparing Nephi's response to hard things and to the other peoples reactions.  We can learn so much for him as we face challenges.

Next is an object lesson I came up with to teach about the Liahona and compare it with the ways Heavenly Father guides us.

The next several activites go along with some of the ideas I found in the primary manual.  I couldn't pick just one so I made a few printables and lesson helps to add to your lesson.  These can always be used at home as well.  I love to teach my kids from the primary book during the week to prepare them to participate more on Sunday. 

the first idea are these pick a story cards.  You can use them in a few different ways.  I am going to put them in a basket and pick one each day to discuss.  You can do all at once and use them as a visual.  You can have your kids pick a card and they can tell or act out the story.  You can also use them with some of the activities below.
 As you tell the story let your kids draw a scene from the story.
 The clue cards go with the idea in the primary manual under the first topic (2nd idea).  I did not fill these out because every building is different OR you may want to use these at home.  I would write out the clues in a treasure hunt way so one clue leads to the next.  Maybe ask  situation question like "what would you do if your sister broke your favorite toy?"  If they answer in a way that is a good choice they earn the next clue.  You may even want to place some of the story cards from above along the way and talk about ways Nephi did the right thing in these situations.  Then have the final clue lead to a treat :) 

The puppets and drawing page go with the category  I can be a good example to my family.  Instead of drawing their own faces I included puppets for them to color.  Then on the paper they can draw something they can do this week to help make their family happy.  

 Here are a few more ideas to go with this topic.  I this quote and some stories in an old primary manual and thought it was such a cute way to teach about being an example.  I included a free printable.

Sunshine match game.  Each one has a way we can be an example to our family.  After a match is found you can share the little story that goes along with that topic.
 Last is a coloring page with the sunshine theme. There are a couple of different options and they can write a way they can be an example.
 This idea goes along with one of the suggestions in the teaching older kids under  "When I keep the commandments, the Lord guides me." (2nd idea) The idea is to have one person pretend to have traveled with Nephi and the other to interview that person.  There are a few question ideas listed.  I decided to add to this idea but assigning the kids to be news reporters and write up a news article for a newspaper.  There is an assignment page to get them thinking and then a blank newspaper page (sample is included).  I'm hoping this will get them to think a little more deeply about the story.  There is space for them to write some thoughts and draw pictures.  For younger ones they can use the boxes to draw different parts of the story.

This snapshot craft was one of my favorite things we did last year.  I included it this week with an updated title.  Its just a little bit of a different way to do the newspaper activities.  On this one they pick one part of the story that stood out to them and write/draw about it.

Additional ideas to go with Nephi building a boat and crossing the sea:
Build a boat with blankets, boxes, pillows, etc.  Sit in the boat while you tell the story or watch watch one of the movies found here.  We've done this a couple of times and its a favorite!

This rocking boat craft from Red Ted Art would be awesome to make. (found here)

or this paper plate boat found here

or this cool floating boat found here

That's is all I have for you this week.  I hope there is something that will work for your family or primary class.  As always if you have any questions or trouble with the download please let me know!  Thank you so much for stopping by :)

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Come Follow Me: 1 Nephi 11-15

*originally posted in 2020

This week for Come Follow Me we are covering Nephi's Vision.  There are sooooo many topics to pick from and it was hard to narrow it down.  Hopefully, you will find something that works for your primary class or family.  All of the FREE printables will be in one download at the end of this post. Thanks for stopping by this week :)

We are going to use some of the ideas I shared last week to talk about the Tree of life and the iron rod.  You can find that post here.

During Nephi's vision he see many events in the Savior's life.  Use this cute spinner to help the kids remember some of the things Nephi saw. 
*UPDATE: I just added posters with scripture references for those that may not have real pictures or you want them to match the spinner.  Either way, this will help you know what the pictures on the spinner represent and where to find the scripture for it :)

We are also going to talk about the tree and how it represents the love of God.  He loves us so much that he sent his son, Jesus Christ to earth.  Jesus showed us how to live through his example and he died for us so that we can return to Heavenly Father one day.   On this coloring page, one side shows something Heavenly Father did to show love for us (sent Jesus) and in the blank spot they can draw a picture of a way that can show love to others.

This next activity goes with one of the ideas in the primary manual (about halfway down the page with the video clip). You may want to read their description of the activity for better instructions :)  you are going to cut out the Book of Mormon, Bible, and word strip. This works great on a chalk board or if you don't have one a piece of paper is great too!  Place the Bible in the center of the page.  Have every person draw a different line from the Bible to any spot around the edge of the page.  You should end up with several lines going in many different directions.  This illustrates that the Bible alone can be interpreted in many ways. Now erase the lines or flip over your paper.  place the bible on one side of the page and the Book of Mormon on the other.  Now draw a straight line that goes from one book to the other.  With these two witnesses, this shows there is only one way to interpret the gospel.  Add your word strip above.

Next, we are going to talk about "plain and precious truths" that were restored with the Book of Mormon. ( 1 Nephi 13:26–29, 35–36, 40) There are 2 pages are journal pages to write or draw some of the things you discuss.

You can use these cards as a match game to help your discussion. print two for a match game or print one set and hide them around the room.

I also included a quote from President Nelson.

As always if you have any questions or trouble with the download please don't hesitate to ask :)

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Free Come Follow Me Lesson helps 1 Nephi 6-10

Update: The assigned chapters changed a little from 4 years ago. If you would like an activity about Nephi forgiving his brothers (Nephi 7) check out last week's posts found here

*Originally Posted January 2020

This week for Come Follow Me we are covering 1 Nephi 8-10.  I decided to focus on Chapter 8-Lehi's Dream.  There are tons of Free printables that you can find at the end of this post.  These are great for families and primary classes!

First i want to share a great link I found in the Friend.  Its a simplified version of the story.  This is really great for little ones.  (Find it Here)

Another option is to watch some of the great video linked in the Individual  and Family manual.

The First idea I had was to have your family draw the different parts of the story as you read it.  You can use the page below or your own paper.  Another fun idea would be to pull out the colored paper, glue, and scissors and create a picture with your craft supplies.  Painting it would be a lot of fun too!

In the primary manual one of the ideas is  to teach about the tree representing God's love for us it by showing pictures of some of the things he gave us.  I created this cute coloring page to go along with this idea.  I made one with some different images representing some of the things he has given us and another blank one so they can draw their own.  

This week's lesson doesn't go over the interpretation of Lehi's dream (that's is in next weeks chapters.). However, I did create this little match game in case you wanted to teach it all at once.  Or save this one for next week :)  The images are the same so even the little ones can play.  As you find a match read the two words to help your family learn the meaning.  Print the two pages on cardstock (if you don't have cardstock its a good idea to glue the cards to colored paper or something so you can't see through it.)  *The wording came from The Friend.

I included the scripture sequencing cards again.  Cut out only the page with the pictures.  Use them to retell the story.  If follow right along with chapter 8.  I did not have room to include Laman and Lemuel so I was going to mention they did not come with card #3.  If you need more details for these let me know.  I did inlcude a black and white option.  I know there are several of you that love to use those ones :)

These last few ideas go with the New Era article by President Boyd K. Packer that was mentioned in the manual.  You can find the article here.  I would encourage you to read this it is so good!  I am printing a copy for my older two girls for their personal study this week.  Here's is a quote I included from this that you can display or talk about.

In the article he gives several things that will help us hold on tight to the iron rod.  I thought it would be cute to create your own iron rod for you family to hold on to this week.  I plan to use yarn and tie it from one end of my house to the other (in a straight line). Then I am going to tape these cute posters on the wall following our path (spaced apart).  The we are all going to hold on the the "rod" and walk.  As we get to each sign we will stop and talk about ways that action will help us keep our grip strong.  Once we are done we are going to eat some sort of fruit treat or pretzels.  I haven't decided yet :)

 Another idea is to hide this little circles around the house for your kids to find.  Gather them up and glue to the board.  This makes for a really cute display. OR use velcro or something similar so they can do it over and over again.
For this weeks journaling page we are going to take some of those ideas and draw or write one or two ways that we can hold to the rod.  Use the empty space on the page for your writing or drawing.  There are two style.  One is just the iron rod and tree and the other has a kid that they can color to look like them.  There are 4 different kid options.

 That's all for this week.  Thank you so much for stopping by.  As always if you have any questions or trouble with the download please let me know :)

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Come Follow Me: 1 Nephi 1-7

*Originally Posted January 2020

I hope you have all had a wonderful week!  This week we are covering 1 Nephi 1-7 for Come Follow Me.  I am so excited to make The Book of Mormon my main study focus this year.  I love reading the familiar stories and diving a little deeper.  I have a few fun ideas for you this week that are perfect for families or primary classes.  You can find the in the Free download at the end of this post.

The first idea goes with 1 Nephi 1:1.  How many times have we read this verse haha.  This time we are going to focus on it.  We are going to talk about the phrase "goodly parents." Discuss some ways Lehi and Sariah were “goodly parents.” Then think of and share some of the “goodly” traits of your parents, grandparents, or someone you admire.   I decided to include others because it really does take a village to raise children.  You can use this cute printable to write down your thoughts.  There are two wording options-use the best one for your situation.  These can be done as a family or print one for each person.

Next, pick one person from your list and write a letter to that person thanking him or her for demonstrating some of the traits you have observed.  I included some blank stationary pages and thank you cards.  For the cards fold on the line.

Discussion: Share your list with your family.  What is a trait from your list that you would like to develop?  What steps can you take to develop that trait? 

Next, we are going to cover the story of Nephi and his brothers getting the brass plates.  There are some of the great video clips on the church's website linked in the lesson or I know my kids like the Living Scriptures.  We are going to be watching this video from Liken (affiliate link).  I've mentioned these movies before and my kids honestly love them-they often pick these for movie night.  They have fun music and are a little goofy but teach the story and a principal really well.  

I also included a fun bingo game with some of the people from the story. You can also print 2 of the calling cards to create a match game.

And I included a sequence story.  Cut the page with pictures apart and they can place them in order.  I like to add Velcro to my board and the back of the cards.  It is kind of a long story and was hard to condense into 6 pictures so if you have any questions on what is happening let me know :)  *Black and White option included! This is great for coloring and gluing to make their own.

We are also going to sing Nephi's Courage and listen to the new Youth Theme song.

I also saw the idea to make a badge in the primary manual.  I thought it was a fun idea so I made one for you :)  Print, cut, and let them color.  You can pin to their shirt or add a hole to the top to make a necklace.  I love using fruit loops as beads and add them to the string.

Finally, we are going to talk about the story in chapter 7 and how Nephi forgave his brothers.  I have a page in the download with a quote from the Friend about forgiveness that we are going to read. I really want to stress that forgiveness isn't always easy.  The story of Nephi forgiving his brothers may be a little hard for kids to relate to so I thought I would share this story from the friend. (I mentioned it in a post from last year so you may recognize it).  It's a cute story about a boy quickly forgiving his mom (you can find and print it here).  

After we are going to use these rockets to find ways to help us forgive (words come from here).  Print the rockets and cut out.  Cut the page of words out and glue the correct number behind the rocket.  Hide them around the room.  The page with the stars is optional.  As you find a rocket use pom poms to cover the star that matches the number.  Another idea would be to pull out legos and build your own creations.

That's all for this week!  I hope you find something that works for you.  As always if you have any questions or trouble with the download please don't hesitate to ask.

Monday, January 1, 2024

January 2024 Holiday Calendar

 I hope you are having a wonderful New Year! I love the quiet week between Christmas and New Year and I am also organizing all the things in my home. Can anyone relate?!? One of my goals this year is to be more intentional with my time. That includes the time I spend with my family. These fun holiday calendars are something I like to use to make the day just a little extra special. No, we do not celebrate every single holiday and we always keep it pretty simple. My kids even just love to check the calendar each day and let everyone know the holiday happens to land on that day. Its fun and provides a great way to connect even if for a moment. I hope you and your family can use this calendar in your home and that it puts a smile on your face. I am wishing you a Happy New Year and hope it is a wonderful one for you full of special memories. See you soon.

Download your free holiday calendar here!