Monday, July 30, 2018

Free Printable Alphabet Flashcards

I'm so excited to share with you these adorable alphabet flashcards.  If you have a little one learning the abc's this is for you.  I've found some of the cutest graphics to go along with each letter.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Use them to practice letters, for games, turn it into a book, or hang them on your wall.  There are so many possibilities.  I printed mine on cardstock and laminated them.  I keep mine on a ring and we use it to sing our favorite abc songs-I like the tune of this one and this one but we change it up and use what's pictured on our cards instead.

I'd love to hear how you use them!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

I Can Help Others Be Happy By Sharing (Primary 2 Lesson 27)

I have a few fun lesson helps for you today!  These go along with Lesson 27 "I can help others be happy by sharing."  You can find the lesson here.  You can download all of these for free at the end of this post.  This would also be great for a Family Home Evening about sharing or Jesus feeding the 5,000.

 Story cards for the scripture story Jesus feeding the 5,000.  Print and cut the cards apart.

For the questions that go along with the story I created this cute basket with bread fish.  The kids can take turns pulling one out and answering the question. 

In the download the basket looks like this-Print (preferably on cardstock) and cut around the 2 baskets.  Do not cut the bottom where they meet.  Fold the white part back and tape or staple around the basket to create a pocket.
Print and cut out the bread and fish and put them in the basket.  Here's a close up of some of the bread.

I also included a coloring page to go along with one of the activities in the enrichment activity section.  There's a spot for them to draw a picture of themselves sharing.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Choosing the Right Gives me a Happy Feeling (Primary 2 Lesson 26)

This weeks lesson is so much fun!  Lesson 26 is "Choosing the Right Gives me a Happy Feeling."  (you can find it here).  I am following the lesson right out of book but have some awesome lesson helps to make teaching and planning a little easier for you.  Pick and choose what works for you.  All of these activities are ready for you to print in the downloads at the bottom of this post.  This would also be really fun to use for FHE.

Here's my plan.
Start with the bean activity.

Story of Angela.  I have some cute story cards.  Print and cut apart.

Story Discussion

Happy and Sad face.  I'm going to cut and put each one on a Popsicle stick.

Repentance poster with the 2 steps.  Display while teaching this part of the lesson.

Scripture Story- Prodigal Son puppets
 Scripture-If your class is old enough to read-cut apart the scriptures and pass them out to your class to read.

Make puppets! Give each child 2 of these blank faces (there's a girl and a boy option).  Have them draw a happy face on one and a sad face on the other one.  Color and attach to Popsicle sticks.

CTR board Game-Divide the class into 2 teams.  Each team starts by rolling the dice and moving the correct number of circles.  If they land on one of the CTR spaces they get to roll again. Then pick a card.  Read the scenario on the card (I've included the ones from the lesson as well as many others).  Decide if its a good choice or a bad choice and if it would make you happy or sad.  Have them raise the correct puppet.  If its a wrong choice ask what should you do? 

To set up the board game: Print the board (2 pages), the senario cards (2 pages), and the dice.  I recommend cardstock.    Tape the 2 pages of the board together.  You may need to trim where they meet to match it up correctly.  Cut all the cards apart.  Cut the dice around the solid black line.  fold the dotted lines and tape together.  Use are game pieces you have at home or different colored buttons for markers. 

Sing if you're happy and you know it with the new words-I've included these in the download.  Print, cut apart, and let the kids draw one.

If time:
1. Use the puppets to sing smile.
2. Sing or listen to the song "Choose the Right way."  Bring a ball or two and sit in a cirlce.  Hand the ball to one child.  When they hear the phrase "choose the right" pass the ball to the right.  When the hear the word happy pass it to the left.  Add more balls or change the key words for a fun variety.

Finally I included some little treat bag gift tags.  I'm going to put a few jelly beans in a bag with this  little tag tied to it.  The jelly beans are to remind them of the pebble at the beginning of the lesson.  As you pass them out remind them of the pebble, how uncomfortable it made them feel and how happy they were when they took it out of their shoe.  Repentance is like taking the pebble out of our shoe.  It feels good to have the problem gone.

Download your lesson helps here and here.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Ice Cream Cone Wappers

Tomorrow is National ice Cream Day and I have a fun guest post for you today!

Did you know Americans ate 1.54 billion gallons of ice cream in 2015? That’s 30,000,000 bathtubs full, or 2,300 Olympic-sized swimming pools! But what can we say? Nobody can resist a sweet vanilla cone on a hot summer day. It’s just not possible.

So, in related news, National Ice Cream Day is coming up on July 15th. It isn’t every day we get an excuse to eat dessert all day, so I’m getting prepared! This is a great opportunity to spend the day outside with the kiddos while eating some sweet frozen treats. Break out the swimsuits or yard games, fire up the grill, lay out the sundae toppings, and spend some quality time!

To really make the festivities special, Shari’s Berries designed a bunch of super cute printable wrappers for ice cream cones. Have the kids pick out their favorite ones and help them wrap the cones. They can even add their own personal touch with markers or stickers. They can choose from tropical, fruity, and polka-dotted wrappers (to name a few). It’ll really add a fun and mess-free flair to an already fun activity: eating ice cream!

These are a few absolutely delicious and totally decadent topping combinations:

S’mores: chocolate syrup, marshmallow, crumbled graham crackers
Elvis: peanut butter chips, banana slices, bacon strips (!!)
The Ballgame: caramel syrup, peanuts, buttered popcorn, cherry on top
Breakfast Sundae: frozen Greek yogurt, banana slices, your favorite cereal, peanut butter drizzle

Take advantage of school being out and spend some time with friends and family. Make it even better with some chocolate-vanilla swirl in an adorably wrapped cone! No mess!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Remember to Say Thank You (Primary 2 Lesson 25)

This weeks Primary Lesson is "Remember to Say Thank You" and goes right along with last weeks lesson on gratitude.  I team teach (like many of you probably do now) so this is my off week but I had a few minutes and put together some lesson helps for you.  You can download the pack below.

For the first story the lesson suggests you draw some simple pictures on the board while you tell the story about Carlos.  My drawings looks like a 2 year old did it so I created some pictures to help tell the story.  Print and cut the pages in half. You can show each page while you tell the story. (there are 6 half pages)

I included a Thank You card you can print and put in an envelop for the story about Sister Wells. In the download it is sized at a 5x7 and will fit a larger greeting card envelope.  However if you need it smaller right click on the picture below and copy. Then paste into a word document and size to your needs.

  In the lesson it asks how can we say thank you to different people like the bishopric and the primary chorister.   To continue with the fishing theme I thought a fishing game would be fun.  Print and cut out the fish.  On the back write different people we can say thank you too.  I thought of our parents, school teacher, the mail carrier, a friend, grandparents, primary teacher, the bishopric, primary chorister, primary pianist, etc.  Add a paper clip to each fish and make a fishing pole. I make mine with a dowel, yarn, and two strong magnets (place the yarn in between the magnets).  Have the kids take turn fishing.  Read the person on the back and discuss ways you can say thank you to this person.  I also included a black and white version of this page if you want to save some ink and color yourself.

If you need a few more ideas-Last weeks lesson was on gratitude.  You can find some fun activities like an ABC game, dice for pictionary/charades, and thank you cards the kids can make for someone. You can find them here

Friday, July 6, 2018

I can Show Gratitude (Primary 2 Lesson 24)

I have a new calling teaching primary and I couldn't be more excited!  I was planning my lesson and thought I'd share some of the things I'm going to do and use.  I find it so helpful when others do and hope this will give you a few ideas.  I only teach every other week so for sure I'll share those and if time I'll add a thing or two on my off weeks.  So lets get started!

This week is I can show gratitude.  Its such a fun topic and would be perfect for a family night especially around Thanksgiving.  I am going to tuck it away and use it for my family later.
I teach the 7 turning 8 year olds so you may need to adapt if you have younger kids.
We are going to start out with the classic game of Hangman.  The word is Gratitude.
Once we figure out the word I'll share this poster and discuss.  It will hang on the board through out class.

I really want to get their brains thinking of all the things they are grateful

for so we are going to play an abc game.  Print and give one to each child.  Challenge them to think of 1 thing for each letter.  I'm going to use a timer :)
Next would be the perfect time to do the water activity in the lesson.  Have them use some of the things from the list.
 Next up I'm following the lesson for the two stories
-Birthday Present Story (I found some cute pictures here).  My grandma actually made my girls some handmade dolls for Christmas so I'm going to bring one to show my class.
-Story of 10 Lepers & scriptures

Ask "How can we thank our Heavenly Father for all that he has given us?" 

  • discuss prayer-when and what we can thank him for
  • actions-lead into next activity

We Can Show Our Gratitude through Our Actions- I made some cards with the scenarios that I will have hiding around the room.  We'll take turns finding them and answering the questions.

 Here are some extra ideas that we will use based on time.
The first is to write or draw a thank you card.  Print one for each child-there are 4 on a page.

Watch this clip of President Nelson

Play pictionary or charades using this dice.  (ideas on each side are from the lesson).  Take turns rolling the dice and draw or act out something based on your roll.
*To put the dice together print (preferably on cardstock).  Cut along the solid lines.  Fold the dotted linen and tape together.
I hope you found something useful to supplement your lesson.  You can download all of the activities here and here.