Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Remember to Say Thank You (Primary 2 Lesson 25)

This weeks Primary Lesson is "Remember to Say Thank You" and goes right along with last weeks lesson on gratitude.  I team teach (like many of you probably do now) so this is my off week but I had a few minutes and put together some lesson helps for you.  You can download the pack below.

For the first story the lesson suggests you draw some simple pictures on the board while you tell the story about Carlos.  My drawings looks like a 2 year old did it so I created some pictures to help tell the story.  Print and cut the pages in half. You can show each page while you tell the story. (there are 6 half pages)

I included a Thank You card you can print and put in an envelop for the story about Sister Wells. In the download it is sized at a 5x7 and will fit a larger greeting card envelope.  However if you need it smaller right click on the picture below and copy. Then paste into a word document and size to your needs.

  In the lesson it asks how can we say thank you to different people like the bishopric and the primary chorister.   To continue with the fishing theme I thought a fishing game would be fun.  Print and cut out the fish.  On the back write different people we can say thank you too.  I thought of our parents, school teacher, the mail carrier, a friend, grandparents, primary teacher, the bishopric, primary chorister, primary pianist, etc.  Add a paper clip to each fish and make a fishing pole. I make mine with a dowel, yarn, and two strong magnets (place the yarn in between the magnets).  Have the kids take turn fishing.  Read the person on the back and discuss ways you can say thank you to this person.  I also included a black and white version of this page if you want to save some ink and color yourself.

If you need a few more ideas-Last weeks lesson was on gratitude.  You can find some fun activities like an ABC game, dice for pictionary/charades, and thank you cards the kids can make for someone. You can find them here

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