Friday, July 6, 2018

I can Show Gratitude (Primary 2 Lesson 24)

I have a new calling teaching primary and I couldn't be more excited!  I was planning my lesson and thought I'd share some of the things I'm going to do and use.  I find it so helpful when others do and hope this will give you a few ideas.  I only teach every other week so for sure I'll share those and if time I'll add a thing or two on my off weeks.  So lets get started!

This week is I can show gratitude.  Its such a fun topic and would be perfect for a family night especially around Thanksgiving.  I am going to tuck it away and use it for my family later.
I teach the 7 turning 8 year olds so you may need to adapt if you have younger kids.
We are going to start out with the classic game of Hangman.  The word is Gratitude.
Once we figure out the word I'll share this poster and discuss.  It will hang on the board through out class.

I really want to get their brains thinking of all the things they are grateful

for so we are going to play an abc game.  Print and give one to each child.  Challenge them to think of 1 thing for each letter.  I'm going to use a timer :)
Next would be the perfect time to do the water activity in the lesson.  Have them use some of the things from the list.
 Next up I'm following the lesson for the two stories
-Birthday Present Story (I found some cute pictures here).  My grandma actually made my girls some handmade dolls for Christmas so I'm going to bring one to show my class.
-Story of 10 Lepers & scriptures

Ask "How can we thank our Heavenly Father for all that he has given us?" 

  • discuss prayer-when and what we can thank him for
  • actions-lead into next activity

We Can Show Our Gratitude through Our Actions- I made some cards with the scenarios that I will have hiding around the room.  We'll take turns finding them and answering the questions.

 Here are some extra ideas that we will use based on time.
The first is to write or draw a thank you card.  Print one for each child-there are 4 on a page.

Watch this clip of President Nelson

Play pictionary or charades using this dice.  (ideas on each side are from the lesson).  Take turns rolling the dice and draw or act out something based on your roll.
*To put the dice together print (preferably on cardstock).  Cut along the solid lines.  Fold the dotted linen and tape together.
I hope you found something useful to supplement your lesson.  You can download all of the activities here and here.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! I love them!

  2. THANKS FOR SHARING!! This is saving me on this Saturday night!