Friday, July 20, 2018

Choosing the Right Gives me a Happy Feeling (Primary 2 Lesson 26)

This weeks lesson is so much fun!  Lesson 26 is "Choosing the Right Gives me a Happy Feeling."  (you can find it here).  I am following the lesson right out of book but have some awesome lesson helps to make teaching and planning a little easier for you.  Pick and choose what works for you.  All of these activities are ready for you to print in the downloads at the bottom of this post.  This would also be really fun to use for FHE.

Here's my plan.
Start with the bean activity.

Story of Angela.  I have some cute story cards.  Print and cut apart.

Story Discussion

Happy and Sad face.  I'm going to cut and put each one on a Popsicle stick.

Repentance poster with the 2 steps.  Display while teaching this part of the lesson.

Scripture Story- Prodigal Son puppets
 Scripture-If your class is old enough to read-cut apart the scriptures and pass them out to your class to read.

Make puppets! Give each child 2 of these blank faces (there's a girl and a boy option).  Have them draw a happy face on one and a sad face on the other one.  Color and attach to Popsicle sticks.

CTR board Game-Divide the class into 2 teams.  Each team starts by rolling the dice and moving the correct number of circles.  If they land on one of the CTR spaces they get to roll again. Then pick a card.  Read the scenario on the card (I've included the ones from the lesson as well as many others).  Decide if its a good choice or a bad choice and if it would make you happy or sad.  Have them raise the correct puppet.  If its a wrong choice ask what should you do? 

To set up the board game: Print the board (2 pages), the senario cards (2 pages), and the dice.  I recommend cardstock.    Tape the 2 pages of the board together.  You may need to trim where they meet to match it up correctly.  Cut all the cards apart.  Cut the dice around the solid black line.  fold the dotted lines and tape together.  Use are game pieces you have at home or different colored buttons for markers. 

Sing if you're happy and you know it with the new words-I've included these in the download.  Print, cut apart, and let the kids draw one.

If time:
1. Use the puppets to sing smile.
2. Sing or listen to the song "Choose the Right way."  Bring a ball or two and sit in a cirlce.  Hand the ball to one child.  When they hear the phrase "choose the right" pass the ball to the right.  When the hear the word happy pass it to the left.  Add more balls or change the key words for a fun variety.

Finally I included some little treat bag gift tags.  I'm going to put a few jelly beans in a bag with this  little tag tied to it.  The jelly beans are to remind them of the pebble at the beginning of the lesson.  As you pass them out remind them of the pebble, how uncomfortable it made them feel and how happy they were when they took it out of their shoe.  Repentance is like taking the pebble out of our shoe.  It feels good to have the problem gone.

Download your lesson helps here and here.

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