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Come Follow Me: 2 Nephi 6-10

As I was reading through the manual this week, I was reminded of a poem that was shared by one of the youth in our ward a few weeks ago. It is called Holes and I was able to find a copy of it here. It's so beautiful and worth the read.

*Originally posted in 2020

This week for Come Follow Me we are covering 2 Nephi 6-10.   I am actually following the primary manual topics pretty closely this week. I learned so much this week and one strong feeling I had over and over as I read and studied is how much the Savior loves us.  He volunteered to come down and suffer and die for us.  He didn't have to but he chose to.

These story cards go with the very first idea in the manual.  Its a about a person who falls into a pit and how someone helps him.  Its a great way to help the children understand how Jesus saves us from death and sin.  You will need to use the picture with the pit and Jesus twice. (Also forgive my clipart of the pit-umm I know it's actually a hole with grass but hopefully it gets the job done :)

The next suggestion was to sing a song about the Savior's love and then draw pictures of things that help them know the Savior loves them.  I have two options for you.
The first is this heart mini book.  This is the cover and then there is a blank heart where they can draw their pictures.  Print as many blank ones as you want to create the book.  Cut out the hearts and staple along one edge.  Another option if you don't want to make a book is to use this page to color or decorate.

 Another option is this adorable journal page.  They can write or draw their answer in the box.

Another more hands on option that is great for discussions are these adorable match games.  With Valentine's day this week I thought it might be fun to include a themed activity.  The idea is to play like a regular match game but when a person finds a match they share a way they know the Savior loves them OR a reason the love him.  There are 2 different games included.  You only need one of the boards and print two of that board.  The first one is a full blown Valentine's theme (I had a lot of adorable clipart and wanted to use it)  the 2nd is just hearts.  Pick the one that works best for you :)

In 2 Nephi 9:49 Jacob talks about something he loves and hates.  This is a fun intro activity to this verse.  There are 12 things that you are going to ask the kids if they like (page with the pizza, frog, etc).  You can print this page and cut the pieces out to use as a visual.  Show one of the cards and if they like it they can give you a thumbs up or if they don't like it a thumbs down.  Go through the cards and then talk about Jacob and the thing he loves (righteousness) and the thing he hates (sin). A few extra options I included are printable thumbs that you can print and give to each person to use.  I also included a recording page where they can sort their answer to the page. *The cards are a little big to fit all of them in  the columns.  If you would like an option of printing 2 sets to a page or a black and white option please let me know!

Next I have a few ideas that go with choosing the right brings us joy or happiness.  This board game is actually from an old post found here.  There are tons of ideas in that post on this topic.

If you don't want to play the game you can use the scenario cards and these cute puppets.  The kids will hold up the happy or sad face depending on if its a good or bad choice.  

I also included this free printable that can be displayed throughout the week.

This idea goes with the last one under teaching younger kids.  It suggests singing the song when were helping we're happy and then take turns pretending to be the parent and asking the others to do something.  Then they practice doing it joyfully.  Sometimes kids have a hard time coming up with something on the spot so I made this fun dice they can take turns rolling.  Also you can use it with the "fun to do" song.  So it would go something like "Sweeping the floor is fun to do, fun to do...." while they pretend to sweep.

One of the ideas under teaching the older children talks about Adam and Eve.  This story sequence activity from last week would be great to review the story or provide a visual ( you can find it in this post)

That's all for this week.  If you have any questions or trouble with the download please let me know :)

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Come Follow Me: 2 Nephi 1-5

New Bonus Activites for 2 Nephi 3-5! There are tons of ideas below but I added a few more to cover the topic of Joseph Smith and temples. The "seer" page and Joseph page can be used as visuals to help you teach the lesson. There is a page to write/draw your testimony of the prophet Joesph Smith. Last, there is a hunt-and-match activity. If you have young ones (or those young at heart :) It would be a lot of fun to introduce the topic of seer by starting out by playing eye spy. (You can even make a spyglass for your game and hunt :) Then you can explain how a seer differs from looking at something with your eyes. For the temple, I included two different puzzles. It might be fun to put them together to introduce the topic or share something about the temple every time you add a piece. I always like to get kids up and moving so I like to hide my pieces around the room or in a sensory bin. You can also use the search bar on my page and find additional activities on these topics. There are quite a few!
Download New Bonus activities Here!

New Bonus activities for 2 Nephi 1-2. While studying these chapters this week I continued to go back to the following two themes-Joy and Friendship. Joy is one of my favorite words and it always jumps out at me. I made a simple printable that can be decorated. If you want to elevate the activity a little, write or draw things that bring you joy. This can be done inside the letters or around the page. I'd love to see your finished pages!
While I was listening to a podcast this week the words Lehi spoke to Zoram touched me and I have been pondering on Zoram's experience. With Valentine's Day around the corner, I thought it would be fun to talk about what it means to be a true friend and share Nephi and Zoram's story. I added some cute cards that can be colored and given to a friend this week. Fold the card in half and write or draw a special message to your friend. 
Download these bonus activities here 

*In 2020 all 5 chapters were included in one week when I made these activities. It looks like we've now divided these chapters into two weeks and I just now noticed this change. I think there are quite a few ideas that work for chapters 1-2 and I'll work on adding a few more for 3-5 and try and have those ready for next week. Let me know if there is a specific topic or activity you would like me to include.

I am so excited to share these free lesson helps that go along with this week's Come Follow Me lesson.  I tried to pick a few topics and ideas from the Individual and Family manual as well as the primary manual.  These are perfect for families or primary classes.  I have to apologize for posting this so late.  We had some thing come up yesterday and didn't have time to finish.  Thanks for sticking with me :)

This first activity goes with 2 Nephi 5 and one of the ideas towards the bottom of the individual and family manual.    We are going to talk about what it means to be happy and some of the things that bring us happiness.  Then we are going to read some of the verses that describe the things that brought Nephi and his people happiness.  These are probably the a lot of the things that bring us happiness as well.  You can cut out the pictures and glue them to the boxes.  in the last box draw a picture of something that makes you happy. *Now includes colored pictures too!  It would be cute to print out 2 copies and use as a match game.  Another idea is to use them to play pictionary and add some of your own too!

Next Lehi teaches his family about opposition. (this goes with 2 Nephi 2:11 and 2 Nephi 2:16. and the third idea under God gave me the freedom to choose in the primary manual.)  Use the puzzle cards to teach about opposites and then how opposites help us make choice.  You may want to give a few example.  

2 Nephi 2:22–27 and the first idea under God gave me freedom to choose in the primary manual.  You can use this story sequence to help the kids tell the story of Adam and Eve.  If you need some help identifying the pictures let me know :)  You can cut out the pictures and the kids can glue them in the correct order.  I like to print on cardstock (and laminate) and use velcro dots so its reusable. 

Last we are going to talk about 2 Nephi 1:20 and the topic I am blessed when I obey.  However this also can go with God gave me freedom to choose.  These ideas are actually from a lesson a couple of years ago and I thought they would be perfect for this lesson.  I did update some of the activities a little.  Most of these have more to do with obeying laws.  I like this because I think its a little easier for kids to understand rules or laws and their consequences compared to commandments and the consequences.  All of the these activities we will have a discussion after about Heavenly Fathers commandments and how they keep us safe and make us happy.

This first activity would be great with the opposite puzzles above.  Stop and Go activity.  Print, cut, color (*I just added a color option too), and attach to Popsicle sticks. 
1. You can use them to play red light, green light (reverently).  Switch it up by having them tip toe, hop, move slow like a turtle.
2. Use them with the coloring pages-When you hold up the go sign they start coloring and when you hold up the stop sign they have to stop.  Switch it back and forth sometimes quickly.  I've done this with my own kids at home and they thought it was hilarious.  Their coloring wasn't quite as nice as it normally is because they are rushing during the go time but its a lot of fun. I went with a stop light to go with the theme but you can use any coloring page or use the blank one and let them draw fast or slow.

I am blessed board game.  You'll need some buttons or game pieces to play and a dice.  roll the dice and if you land on a heart draw a card.  The cards have different scenarios about obeying. I did include blank cards that you can add your own scenarios or questions.

This is my favorite ideas and its so cute!!!  The animals and fence stand on their own. I love this idea for teaching that Heavenly Father gives us commandments to keep us safe.  Set out the little animals and talk about ways a farmer takes care of them.  He feeds them, gives the water, milks the cow, etc.  Part of his job is to protect them. He needs to keep them safe from other animals or keep them from wandering off and getting lost or hurt.  Ask if they can think of a way he can do this.

Now pull out your fence. (There is enough room inside the fence for all the animals.) Explain that fences are good because they help keep animals safe.  Can you think of something that keeps us safe?  Rules at home or school keep us safe, can you think of any rules that keep you safe?  Laws keep us safe, can you think of any laws?  Heavenly Father gave us commandments.  Can you think of some ways commandments keep us safe?  These are like fences!  They help to keep us safe and happy.

I do recommend cardstock if you have it.  I tested this out to make sure this idea would work. I did cardstock for the fence and it easily stood up.  I used regular paper for the animals and it worked but they tip over easily.

I also included a story with some cute story cards that help teach we have laws to protect us and help us to be happy.  This is a great way to lead into a discussion about ways commandments keep us safe and happy.  For the story cards print and cut apart. 

That is everything for this week!  As always if you have any questions or trouble with the download please let me know.  Also thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Free February Holiday Calendar

Can you believe it's finally February! I may be one of the few people that actually love January but I am excited for a new month. My kids were asking for this calendar all day, they love it!. I hope its something fun your family can use as well. There are so many fun holidays in February like Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, RAndom Actos of Kindness Day, and of course Valentine's Day. I'm already brainstorming ideas for some of these other fun and unique holidays. Let me know if you have any fun plans :) Enjoy!

 Download February Holiday Calendar Here!

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Come Follow Me: 1 Nephi 16-22

* originally posted in 2020

I'm excited to share a few ideas with you today.  We are going to cover the Liahona, Nephi's broken bow, and Nephi building a boat from 1 Nephi 17-22.  This ideas are great for families and primary classes.  You can find all of the printables in a free download at the end of this post.

This first idea comes from the Individual and Family manual.   I loved the introduction and the idea of comparing Nephi's response to hard things and to the other peoples reactions.  We can learn so much for him as we face challenges.

Next is an object lesson I came up with to teach about the Liahona and compare it with the ways Heavenly Father guides us.

The next several activites go along with some of the ideas I found in the primary manual.  I couldn't pick just one so I made a few printables and lesson helps to add to your lesson.  These can always be used at home as well.  I love to teach my kids from the primary book during the week to prepare them to participate more on Sunday. 

the first idea are these pick a story cards.  You can use them in a few different ways.  I am going to put them in a basket and pick one each day to discuss.  You can do all at once and use them as a visual.  You can have your kids pick a card and they can tell or act out the story.  You can also use them with some of the activities below.
 As you tell the story let your kids draw a scene from the story.
 The clue cards go with the idea in the primary manual under the first topic (2nd idea).  I did not fill these out because every building is different OR you may want to use these at home.  I would write out the clues in a treasure hunt way so one clue leads to the next.  Maybe ask  situation question like "what would you do if your sister broke your favorite toy?"  If they answer in a way that is a good choice they earn the next clue.  You may even want to place some of the story cards from above along the way and talk about ways Nephi did the right thing in these situations.  Then have the final clue lead to a treat :) 

The puppets and drawing page go with the category  I can be a good example to my family.  Instead of drawing their own faces I included puppets for them to color.  Then on the paper they can draw something they can do this week to help make their family happy.  

 Here are a few more ideas to go with this topic.  I this quote and some stories in an old primary manual and thought it was such a cute way to teach about being an example.  I included a free printable.

Sunshine match game.  Each one has a way we can be an example to our family.  After a match is found you can share the little story that goes along with that topic.
 Last is a coloring page with the sunshine theme. There are a couple of different options and they can write a way they can be an example.
 This idea goes along with one of the suggestions in the teaching older kids under  "When I keep the commandments, the Lord guides me." (2nd idea) The idea is to have one person pretend to have traveled with Nephi and the other to interview that person.  There are a few question ideas listed.  I decided to add to this idea but assigning the kids to be news reporters and write up a news article for a newspaper.  There is an assignment page to get them thinking and then a blank newspaper page (sample is included).  I'm hoping this will get them to think a little more deeply about the story.  There is space for them to write some thoughts and draw pictures.  For younger ones they can use the boxes to draw different parts of the story.

This snapshot craft was one of my favorite things we did last year.  I included it this week with an updated title.  Its just a little bit of a different way to do the newspaper activities.  On this one they pick one part of the story that stood out to them and write/draw about it.

Additional ideas to go with Nephi building a boat and crossing the sea:
Build a boat with blankets, boxes, pillows, etc.  Sit in the boat while you tell the story or watch watch one of the movies found here.  We've done this a couple of times and its a favorite!

This rocking boat craft from Red Ted Art would be awesome to make. (found here)

or this paper plate boat found here

or this cool floating boat found here

That's is all I have for you this week.  I hope there is something that will work for your family or primary class.  As always if you have any questions or trouble with the download please let me know!  Thank you so much for stopping by :)

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Come Follow Me: 1 Nephi 11-15

*originally posted in 2020

This week for Come Follow Me we are covering Nephi's Vision.  There are sooooo many topics to pick from and it was hard to narrow it down.  Hopefully, you will find something that works for your primary class or family.  All of the FREE printables will be in one download at the end of this post. Thanks for stopping by this week :)

We are going to use some of the ideas I shared last week to talk about the Tree of life and the iron rod.  You can find that post here.

During Nephi's vision he see many events in the Savior's life.  Use this cute spinner to help the kids remember some of the things Nephi saw. 
*UPDATE: I just added posters with scripture references for those that may not have real pictures or you want them to match the spinner.  Either way, this will help you know what the pictures on the spinner represent and where to find the scripture for it :)

We are also going to talk about the tree and how it represents the love of God.  He loves us so much that he sent his son, Jesus Christ to earth.  Jesus showed us how to live through his example and he died for us so that we can return to Heavenly Father one day.   On this coloring page, one side shows something Heavenly Father did to show love for us (sent Jesus) and in the blank spot they can draw a picture of a way that can show love to others.

This next activity goes with one of the ideas in the primary manual (about halfway down the page with the video clip). You may want to read their description of the activity for better instructions :)  you are going to cut out the Book of Mormon, Bible, and word strip. This works great on a chalk board or if you don't have one a piece of paper is great too!  Place the Bible in the center of the page.  Have every person draw a different line from the Bible to any spot around the edge of the page.  You should end up with several lines going in many different directions.  This illustrates that the Bible alone can be interpreted in many ways. Now erase the lines or flip over your paper.  place the bible on one side of the page and the Book of Mormon on the other.  Now draw a straight line that goes from one book to the other.  With these two witnesses, this shows there is only one way to interpret the gospel.  Add your word strip above.

Next, we are going to talk about "plain and precious truths" that were restored with the Book of Mormon. ( 1 Nephi 13:26–29, 35–36, 40) There are 2 pages are journal pages to write or draw some of the things you discuss.

You can use these cards as a match game to help your discussion. print two for a match game or print one set and hide them around the room.

I also included a quote from President Nelson.

As always if you have any questions or trouble with the download please don't hesitate to ask :)