Sunday, August 9, 2020

Free 2021 Calendar

 I have been using these watercolor calendars for a few year now and I still love the simple, beautiful design.  I know a few of you also love them too and have been requesting a 2021 version. I'm so excited to share these with you.  For me August is a lot like New Years.  Its a time for me to reset, evaluate, and refocus on organization and goals.  I love printing a couple sets of these calendars. I use one for organizing all of our family activities and events, another for menu planning, and this year I plan to use one to keep track of my business/blog  schedule.  I'd love to hear how you use them.

*You can find 2020 here.


Saturday, August 8, 2020

Come Follow Me Lesson Helps: Alma 53-63

 Can you believe summer is almost over?!?!  I think it just hit me today we only have a couple more weeks before school start.  Today I have some fun Free Come Follow Me lesson helps for Alma 53-63.  Click on the link below to download all of the free printables and instructions.  Let me know if you have any questions or trouble with the download.  Hope you have a wonderful week!

Download Free Come Follow Me Lesson Helps Here

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Come Follow Me Lesson Helps: Alma 43-52 (August 3-9)

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  Mine turned surprisingly busy and I am jumping on really quick to get next week's free printable lesson helps for Come Follow Me.  We are covering Alma 43-52.  I was a little worried about hitting the war chapters but I loved spending time in these chapters this week.  We are going to to talk about spiritual armor, the Title of Liberty, and Captain Moroni. I try to stick with the themes from the primary manual and these activities are perfect for families or primary.  I hope you find something that works for you:)

Thursday, July 30, 2020

27 Fun and Quirky Holidays to Celebrate with your Kids in August

Summer is almost over and school is just around the corner.  It feels a little weird this year not really going back to school but we are excited for our new adventure in homeschooling and online learning. One thing my kids have really loved during this months of being home is our holiday calendar.  They really love checking the calendar to find out what holiday falls on that day. We don't celebrate all of the holidays and the ones we do are very simple.  Its a fun and easy way to makes some sweet memories with my kids and encourage some creativity.  For the month of August I found 27 fun and unique holidays to celebrate. What holidays do you plan on celebrating?

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Come Follow Me lesson Helps: Alma 39-42 ( July 27-August 2)

Hello and thank you for stopping by :)  I am excited to share these fun and free Come Follow Me lesson helps that are perfect for families and primary.  We are covering Alma 39-42 and will be discussing being an example, how repentance brings happiness, and a little about the Plan of Salvation.  You will find the free download at the end of this post and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Here's a look at what's included this week:
Song dice that adds a new element of fun to the song "Do as I'm doing."  This is perfect for kids that do not want to think of their own action when they are the leader.
A new mini book with journaling prompt at the end.
Teach your children about letting their light shine with this fun flashlight game played in the dark.
We are going to use a story from Elder Renlund to learn more about repentance and how it brings happiness.
Journal pages with space to write or draw.
We'll review the Plan of Salvation with this fun, interactive file folder activity and read the words of Alma on this topic.
I hope you find something that will work for your family or primary class this week.  If you have any questions or trouble with the download please let me know.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Free Animal Alphabet Mini Tracing Book

I am so excited to share this new freebie with you!  This FREE alphabet mini book can be used in so many different ways.  This is perfect for toddlers, preschool and kindergartners in a school or homeschool setting.

Here are a few ideas:
1. Print and staple to create a mini book for each student.  Children can rainbow write the letters and trace the word.
2. Print and laminate.  Hole punch the top and add a ring to create a book that can be read over and over.  Your children will love the beautiful pictures.
3. Print and laminate.  *optional: Hole punch and add ring to create book.  Use dry erase markers to trace letters and words. 
4. Print and laminate.  Use pom-poms, glass gems, or favorite manipulative to fill letters.  Use dry erase markers to trace word.
5. Print and laminate.  Use as a play-dough mat.  Use play-dough to build the letter.  Trace word with dry erase marker.  Let children use play-dough to make the animal.

If you are interested in a larger version of this book or would like matching alphabet posters you can find them here.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Free Circus Number Puzzles

Here's a fun new freebie your kids will love!  Practice number recognition and counting with these adorable circus theme number puzzles. Numbers 1-10 are included.  A black and white option is also included in the free download.

The puzzles are quick and easy to prep.  I suggest cardstock or laminate for durability.  Cut along the solid lines. 

If you are looking for more circus theme fun you will love the Circus Preschool learning pack!  Here's a look at what's included.

There are 27 activities included that cover math, literacy, fine motor skills and so much more!  This pack will provide weeks of fun, hands-on learning!