Thursday, April 19, 2018

Free Spring Bicycle Prints

Happy Bicycle day!  We've been loving our calendar full of fun and unusual holidays.  

Today is bicycle day and to celebrate I created some gorgeous spring bicycle prints for you.

To print: Click on the link below to download color you want.  Save to your computer and print from home or your favorite print shop. If printing at home I like to insert the picture in a word document.  Size and print on cardstock.
These are formatted as 8x10's but can easily be resized to fit your needs.

Click the links below to download your free prints

Follow along with our monthly calendars. We just started this in January and it has been such a fun thing to do with my kids.  I post a new calendar each month with a free download.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Despicable Me 3 Movie Night & Free Popcorn Boxes

Every time I think of any of the Despicable Me movies I can't help but think of sweet Agnes and her unicorn.

So with our current unicorn preschool theme Despicable Me 3 was perfect for our family movie night.

My kids have been loving our popcorn boxes and I love the size of these things.  Its just the right amount for younger kids (my older ones get seconds), if it spills its not a crazy mess, and the best part is no one is fighting over the bowl or someone eating too much...maybe this only happens at my house :).  Also they make our movie nights feel a little more special so I made some to go along with this movie (well any of the 3).

Are you ready to make some for your family?  Click and download the Free PDF below.  Pick your favorite boxes and print on cardstock.  There are 4 pattern options. 

 Cut along black lines, fold white lines, and glue or tape together.

Fill with popcorn or some yummy treats.

Enjoy your movie!

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Adorable Healthy Snack ideas for Kids

I'm always looking for ways to make our day a little extra fun. I love Personal Creations’ adorable snack ideas for kids. From a superhero pita for your little warrior, to a penguin cucumber for the animal lover, these snack foods are not only delicious but will put a smile on your child’s face. Using a few common grocery items and less than 20 minutes creation time, these snacks are easy to make and cost effective. Make these with your children, or send them to school with a surprise treat in their lunch box. Your kiddos will love their unique snacks, and you’ll appreciate how healthy they are!

They go along perfect with our Monthly Holiday Calendars.

How cute would the Penguin Cucumbers be next week for World Penguin day

or I'm dying over the superhero pita for National Superhero Day!

Head over to Personal Creations and find the recipes for 27 Healthy and adorable snacks!. Your kids will love it!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Small and Simple Things FHE

I love General Conference, the messages and feeling of the weekend, but it seems like it comes and goes too quickly.  I try to read as many talks in between but this time I've decided to spend more time studying and using the talks for family home evening.  I'll be sharing many of them as we go.

This first one is inspired by President Dallin H. Oaks talk "By Small and Simple things."  I love that it reminds us of the power that our actions have on our life.  Its a great reminder that even if we can't see progress after a day, week, or even a year at some point we will be able to look back and see a significant change.
Download Lesson Plan here

 I realize that we are all going to have different quotes and thoughts that come to us as we read these talks.  I included an outline that I used for my family but pick and choose what works for you.  Here's a run down of whats included (all the printables and game pieces are in one download at the end of this post) 

2 printables-We used the first one to keep track of our answers to the question: What are some small and simple things we do? The second one we keep displayed in our home for the week as a reminder of what we learned.

A page of quotes that I used in the lesson.  You can cut them out and have others family members read them out loud. 

Boat Board Game includes the board, 1 page of boats, 2 pages of cards, and dice.  
To assemble:
Print (cardstock optional)
 Tape the game board together
Cut out as many boats as needed (play as teams or individually)  There are 9 to choose from.
Cut the cards apart (yours will not have "the move... spaces" I tweaked the game a little after we played)
Assemble the dice-cut, fold, and tape together

 To play:
Take turns drawing a card.  Read the senario and decide if that action will help you move upstream or downstream.  Roll the dice and move that many space either foward or backwards based on your card.  The first one to the finish line wins.

You might be wondering why I used a boat theme, well it comes from this paragraph:
"We are surrounded by media influences and cultural deteriorations that will carry us downstream in our values if we are not continually resisting. To move upstream toward our eternal goal, we must constantly keep paddling. It helps if we are part of a team that is paddling together, like a rowing crew in action. To extend that example even further, the cultural currents are so strong that if we ever stop paddling, we will be carried downstream toward a destination we do not seek but which becomes inevitable if we do not constantly try to move forward."

I loved the visual of paddling a boat upstream to our destination and the need to keep going.  I couldn't find any paddle boat clip art but hopefully the connection will still work.  In the lesson plan I shared how I explained it to my kids.

If you want just the scripture print or need it in a different size you can find it here

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Free Unicorn Number Hunt

Your kids will love this fun Unicorn Number Hunt game!  It combines hide-n-seek with some fun number recognition.  

This Free Download includes these adorable number cards (0-9) all ready for you to print and cut.  I printed mine on card stock and laminated.  We are using them for a few other activities so I wanted them durable.

 Hide them around the room and let your little one go on a unicorn hunt.

After you find them you can use this cute tracker to match up the numbers.  They can be colored, use dot markers, or crossed out.  You can also laminate it and cross out with white board markers to use it over and over again.

Once your done keep the learning going by putting the numbers in order, let you little one hide them and you find them, or use them as flash cards.  I'll be back with some more fun ways to use these cards so keep them handy :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

"By Small and Simple Things" Free Print

I love this scripture and I was so inspired by the talk from President Oaks this past General Conference.  He said "We need to be reminded that in total and over a significant period of time, these seemingly small things bring to pass great things."  I sometime get caught in the trap that I need to do something big for it to matter but the reality is it is the small every day decisions and actions that shape the person we become. 

So this print is my daily reminder to keep doing those small things, those things that seem too simple to really make a difference.  

To print: Click on the link below to download the size you want.  Save to your computer and print from home or your favorite print shop.

We used this talk for FHE this week and I'll be sharing the lesson plans and printouts a little later this week.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Free Baby Girl Monthly Milestone Stickers

Sometimes I wish I could freeze time.  It flies by so fast and there is something about a baby that makes it seem to go even faster.  Well maybe the sleepless nights feel like the will never end.  Its at this stage in life that I like to have my camera ready at a moments notice to capture every little change.  

The funny thing is I'm convinced when I look through those pictures I'll always remember the details, ages, and dates.  I've found that is not the case.  That is one reason I love the idea of the monthly milestone stickers.  Its an easy way to document you little ones age and how much they grow during the first year.

To make you own download my free set of stickers here.  Print on label or sticker paper.  Cut around each circle and store until needed.      

Then each month grab the coordinating sticker, peel of the back and stick it on your little ones shirt.  (A white onesie is ideal but not necessary).  

Then take a picture or two so you'll always remember how little they were at each age.

I also included an extra page for the first month because they change so quickly.

This would make a cute baby shower gift as well.  Have them cut and ready for the mom to be and add a set of onesies to help her get started.

In case you missed the link...Download you free set of Month Sticker here.