Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet baby plates

For my "use your own picture" challenge this week I decided to make my own version of this craft found of Fingerprints on the Fridge. (hers are adorable-she uses a white plate and stick the picture to the front. Really you should go check it out).I used a clear salad sized plate (walmart for around a dollar), fabric slightly bigger then the plate, and cute baby picture to fit the middle (need a 5x7 for this size of plate), and spray adhesive.Your picture will need to fit like this. You can print out a 5x7 and then cut it down to fit but I decided to take out a step by using Microsoft word. I opened a new document and inserted my pictures. I changed the shape to a circle. The size I needed was a 4.25" circle so I sized and cropped until my picture was the right size of circle. I then printed both off on one sheet of photo paper. Then cut them out.Next I sprayed the front side of my fabric with spray adhesive. Make sure to get everywhere that is going to touch the plate (you can wash the fabric to get it off your fabric scraps so you can use them for a different project)

Place the picture in the center of the fabric.

Turn your plate upside down. Line it up so the picture is in the center of the plate (fabric and picture face down) and start smoothing the fabric out over the plate. Go clear to the edge. The spray adhesive will allow you to lift and replace the fabric as needed to get rid of any wrinkle. Turn it over and cut off all of the extra fabric. Make sure the edges are glued well.

Enjoy those sweet babies. I'm not sure if I'm going to hang them or set them on little stands. What do you think?
Olivia age 2 weeks
Aubrey age 2 weeks