Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Christ Book

When I saw this post on Sew Dang Cute I knew I needed one.  It has 17 different topics about Christ with an explanation, scriptures, picture and song for each.  She has all of the pages ready to print and where to get the pictures.  My girls loved looking through it as soon as it was done and have requested we read one each night.  Its the perfect way to put the focus on the true meaning of Christmas. 
 They thought baby Reagan needed to see it too :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

organizing missing sock

I have a cute lost sock board but lets be honest we have way more then 4 missing socks in our house.  I normally put all of our extra socks in a basket that I could look through when I had some time.  However that rarely happens so most mornings we have to dig through the basket and hope to find a match.  I finally came up with a solution that works for us.  First I had to dump my basket and sort all of the socks by person.  The matches were put away and the ones waiting for a match were separated into individual bags (one for each person).
 The four bags are kept in our basket.  As I fold clothes I match up the socks from the dryer and any extra are tossed into the correct bag.  Every couple of days I sort through each bag (most of the time there are only 3-5 socks per bag!).  This makes finding a match so much quicker and in the morning when we are in a rush its a lot easier to pull out 1 little bag to look through instead of a whole basket.