Friday, December 30, 2022

New Testament Come Follow Me Activities

 Hello everyone,

I am so sorry I suddenly disappeared last year. Life was busy, messy, hard, and something needed to give. Unfortunately creating weekly activities was one of the things that had to change.  The good news is as we circle back to studying the New Testament this year I have activities done for every week! You can find activities for the year pinned at the top under the Come Follow Me tab. I am also working on having a page with activities organized by topic as well. As life continues to evolve, I hope to be back posting here and on social media a little more this year.  As I plan and figure out what to share this year I am curious what would you like to see more of, what would be helpful, or do you have any other suggestions for me? Thanks to all of you that have checked in on me and continue to stop by. It was hard to step away and even though it may look different I look forward to being back. 

You can find this week's Come Follow Me activities Here

and Next Week's Here