Friday, December 30, 2016

Retirement Gift idea (free printables)

My sister requested a few countdown to retirement printables for a co-worker.  To use them frame and write with a white board marker directly on the glass to countdown the days or months.  These were given in a gift basket printed in really cute frames, with a pack of markers, candy, and a few other things.

You are welcome to print a copy for yourself.  They are sized to fit an 8x10 frame.  You can copy and paste to a word document and print from home or you can right click and save to your computer.  Then upload and print at your favorite place.  I normally print from home but with this background it might be best to save ink and have it printed.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

My Favorite Software

Pictures and printables are a few of my favorite things.  Have you ever wanted to make your own but didn't know where to start?  Well its a lot easier then you think.

Can I let you in on a little secret...I'm not that great with a computer and I don't know how to use any fancy design programs.  So how do I make all of my printables, scrapbook pages, and cards?  

I've used it for years and thought some of you might love it too.  I decided to sign up to become an affiliate with My Memories Suite.  That means if you use my code (STMMMS32280) you will receive $10 off your software or 10% off any other purchase you make on their website.  
(Please note I do receive a small commission that will help fund some of the projects you see on this blog.)  
So today I'm going to show you a few things I've made using this software program and I'll be sharing more projects, tips, and awesome finds each week.  If you are not interested in the product that's okay too!  Hopefully you will still find some great printables you can use or some ideas for your own scrapbook.

Before I show you some fun projects here are a few reasons I love My Memories Suite
1. Its very affordable (only $30 after discount) 
2. Its easy to use and my projects turn out beautiful
3. It comes with a ton of free embellishments and digital paper but I can also use all of the cute free (or paid) for fonts, embellishments, clip art, paper etc. that I find on pinterest (check out my board to see some ideas).



cards, announcements, invitations

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Family Friendly New Years Eve ideas

Its hard to believe another year is almost over.  New Years eve is a little different with little kids but can be a lot of fun.  Here are some fun ideas I found browsing pinterest.

Balloon countdown.She has activities in each balloon.  So fun!  (found here)

Don't forget your midnight kiss!  (cute printable found here)

I love this idea of fancy milk and cookies.  My kids love using our fancy glasses.  cute idea found here
minute to win it games are always fun!  (lots of ideas found here.)

This looked like a fun game. (found here )

Photo booth props (found here)

Bingo! (found here)

The New Year is always a time of reflection and resolutions.  Here are some awesome printables that will help.  They would be a lot of fun to fill out during your celebration

Here's a goal setting printable that I shared a little while ago.  There are a few different colors (found here).
I love this kids friendly one.  (We will be using this!)  You can find it here.  It takes you to Teachers Pay Teachers website to download this free printable.  If you don't have an account I recommend signing up.  There are so many great resources, many that are free, that I use with my kids.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bring the snow inside!

This is one of my favorite parenting ideas.  We've done this several times over the years and my kids love it and ask to do it.  I think that's a good sign :)  It seem like every year it snows and for some reason or another it doesn't work to go outside and play...some ones sick, its dark, its 5 degrees, etc.   So we just bring it inside!  The best part is we stay warm, we don't have to add layers of clothes, and even my little ones can play.

Just scoop some snow onto a cookie sheet bring it inside.  I like to use a plastic table cloth and we still use gloves.  

 My little guy loved it.  (his hat was made using this pattern)

So next time it snows bring it inside!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Pancakes and Pajama Christmas Party

At church the 8-11 year old girls have an after school activity twice a week and I am currently the leader over this group.  Its a lot of fun.  For our activity I decided I wanted to do something special.  I saw the idea for a Pancakes and Pajamas Christmas party on The Elm Life  and thought it would be the perfect theme.

 Our party is not until Thursday but I thought I would share my plan now in case someone else is looking (I'll update as I finish more of the planning and of course after the party).  I know many of you don't need an idea of Activity Days but it would be a lot of fun for a play group, craft night, or a family Christmas Party.  

My invite...address changed :)
 Free printable if you need one.  
(copy and paste in word and size to fit 4 to a page or whatever size you want.)

Encourage your guests to come in their favorite pjs.  Who doesn't love to wear pjs right?

Breakfast: We are going to have pancakes and hot chocolate!  A few fun extras: strawberries, whip cream, and mini marshmallows. 

Craft: Nativity blocks with 2x4's.  I have 16 girls so I needed it to be cheap but cute.  Tutorial can be found here.

Games: I went to pinterest for this one.
Bingo from Crazy Little Projects 

Charades (or pictionary) from the Shabby Chic Cottage.

Don't eat Rudolph is another fun game that can be found on my blog here.

Treat: I am going to make this delicious Reindeer chow from The Silly Girl's Kitchen.  We made some last year and it is one of our favorites!

I packaged them in sandwich bags with this cute topper I made.  You are welcome to print your own. 

Click on the picture and copy and print (formatted for 5x7) or let me know if you want me to send you the word document form though email. 

To make it:
1. print out your bag top.
2. fill a Ziploc bag with your yummy treat.  Fold your bag topper in half and staple over the top your your treat bag (I like to roll my plastic bag a few times so it not so long)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

R Reindeer

I love introducing new letters with a letter craft.  Here's a cute R reindeer we made.  Just paper and glue.  Nothing fancy.

To Go along with this I pulled out this idea from my file that I used when my older girls where young.  (originally posted on our preschool blog)

Rudolph Color Poem- I found this adorable idea here

The Poem-

Rudolph, Rudolph, what will you do?
You can't guide Santa's sleigh if your nose is BLUE

Rudolph, Rudolph, you're such a silly fellow
Who will know it's you if your nose is YELLOW

Rudolph, Rudolph, your way cannot be seen,
Through the wintry weather if your nose is GREEN

Rudolph, Rudolph, Santa gave a wink
But what will he say if your nose is PINK?

Rudolph, Rudolph, it's time to fly at night
But you can't get through the snow if your nose is WHITE

Rudolph, Rudolph, it's time to go to town
But you can't help Santa if your nose is BROWN

Rudolph, Rudolph, Santa has his sack
But you're not ready if your nose is BLACK

Rudolph, Rudolph, the children are in bed
And now we can get on our way because your nose is RED.

Here's our little Rudolph and his different colored noses (I didn't have some of the colors so I colored my white felt with markers). The girls would find the right color and put his nose on for each verse.