Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentines Wreath

Here's my new wreath made from cardboard and a t-shirt.  It was really simple to make just very time consuming.  I love the end result. 

You need;
  •  some cardboard-mine is the back of a picture frame
  • a t-shirt-I used a men's XXXL but a smaller size will work. Half of the shirt I used went to Aubrey's hero cape
  • hot glue
  • Ribbon for the top
  • Fabric and beads for rosettes (my fabric is a cloth diaper, I bought the wrong kind to make burp cloths)
Start by cutting a heart out of your cardboard
Cut out a ton of squares from your fabric.  I used pretty much what was left of the shirt.  You want them around the same size but they don't have to be perfect.  Mine were about 1 1/2 inch squares. 

 Find the center of your square and fold it diagonal.  Pinch the your square together so you end up with something like the picture below.

 Add a drop of hot glue and and stick the pointy part of your square in it.  Keep adding fabric squares as close as you want all the way around your heart.  The fabric helps hold the one next to it up.
Once you make it all the way around add ribbon to the top and embellish however you want.  I made three rosettes and added beads to the center. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Simple and pretty white board

Here's a quick and easy project that makes a huge impact...my new white board.  I spent most of the last 4 days cleaning and organizing my craft room (and kids room).  They are still not done but I made a ton of progress.  The two things I want for my craft room is for it to be functional/organized as well as inspiring.  This new project will help with both.

Want to make your own in about 3 minutes.  Okay 5 if you need to iron your fabric:)
Grab a frame with glass.  Take the back off.  Pick your fabric and iron if necessary.  pull it tight over the  cardboard from the back of your frame and tape it down securely. 
Place back inside frame.  Now your can write all your lists, ideas, etc.  See so easy and beautiful.
I have a fun project I'm working on involving a t-shirt and hot glue any guesses?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Love Rosette Frame

Have you joined in on this weeks craft challenge yet?  The theme is pattern paper and there is still time!  Here's what I made for the challenge. 
Here's how I made mine.  My frame came with a matte so I traced it on my pattern paper and then cut it out.

Next I glued it on.  I just used a glue stick.

 Added some pictures. 
I'm sure you've seen these rosettes everywhere but in case you haven't here's a quick how to. Cut out a long piece of fabric and a circle of felt (mine should have probably been bigger).

 Add some glue to the center of your felt and stick one end of your fabric in it.  Start twisting your fabric and slowly wrap it around the center moving outward to the edge of the felt.  Add glue to the felt as you go.  Tuck the end under. 
 You will end up with something like this.  I also like to skip the above step and just twist and wrap my fabric then glue the whole thing to the felt once it looks like I want it to.  I think its a lot easier this way.
 Embellish your rosette.  I glued on a bead and used tulle.
 Glue to your frame
 And hang on your wall.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Apron Tutorial

Here's a quick tutorial to make your own full length apron.  It was for my sister-in-law, if it was for me I would have added ruffles and some fun embellishments.  Maybe I'll make one for me soon.  Also it was finished late at night before we left on vacation so the pictures are pretty awful. 
I'll admit this first step sure made things go quickly.  Grab an apron you have on hand and pin to your outside fabric. 
 cut around your apron leaving an extra 1/2 to 1 inch all around
 Pin to your fabric you are going to use for the back and cut out.
 for the sash you are going to cut out 2 pieces selvage to selvage and 4 inches thick.  Cut one in half.
 pin one of the halves to one end of the long piece.  sew together.  Attach the other half to the other side and sew.

 You will now have one LONG piece.  fold it in half (so it will be two inches wide instead of 4) Right Sides together. Sew together leave one side open for turning.
 Turn. Iron flat.  Find the middle of your sash. pin it to the middle of your apron.  Continue to pin in place.
 Top stitch along the entire sash.  It will hold your sash in place, close the end, and give it a finished look.
Cut two pieces for the straps.  Mine are 2 inches wide and 14 inches long (you can make them longer or shorter)
 Fold them in half (long ways) and sew around edges.  Leave opening to turn.  Turn and then top stitch.  Do same to other strap.  Pin to your apron. Pin back fabric to your apron (right sides together).  Make sure straps and sash are inside.  Stitch together (leave hole large enough to turn).  Turn your apron and top stitch around closing opening.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby Bassinet

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I'm back and so excited to be home.  I have a ton of cleaning and unpacking but after 3 weeks of being lazy I'm excited to get to work.  First I thought I would drop in and show you Livy's Christmas present I finished  around 2 a.m the morning we left on our vacation.  I used this tutorial.  It was fairly easy to make except the final step took me a lot longer then I thought it would.  Livy LOVES it and not only uses it to carry her baby but also everything else she can get a hold of.  On Christmas she carried it around house to house with it stuff full of her doll, a baby bottle, and candy. 

What presents were your kids most excited about?