Monday, March 25, 2024

Come Follow Me Lesson Helps: Easter

Can you believe Easter is in a week! This week we have song posters and a scripture egg hunt to help you focus on the Savior. You can find the free activities in the download below.

 Download Here

You can find addition Easter ideas here! I love these activities and use them every year.

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Saturday, March 16, 2024

Come Follow Me: 2 Nephi 31-33

*Originally posted in 2020

Hello, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  We are in the middle of tax season (meaning my husband works all the time) and my 2 year has a stomach bug.  So life is a little crazy over here :) But I am so excited to share these lesson helps with you!  We are covering 2 Nephi 31-33 this week.  These ideas are perfect for families or primary classes. This week I went with the topics found in the primary manual.  I have found this helps my kids prepare for their upcoming primary lesson and helps them participate a little more.

Let's jump right in.  Jesus Christ taught me how to return to Heavenly Father. 2 Nephi 31 This is a fun cut and paste activity that helps teach the Doctrine of Christ.  You'll cut and glue in the correct box to discover the different steps along the path to returning to live with Heavenly Father again. This can be done as a group or individually.  There is a boy and girl option.  Also I did include color and black and white option.

This is also a great week to review the 4th Article of faith.  Point out that these steps are very similar to the ones mentioned in 2 Nephi.  The first activity is a number puzzle.  You will need to cut out the green number 4 along the black lines.  Then you can use the next page to build your puzzle.  Each pieces has a picture that correlates to the 4 steps.

This activity has the same pictures but it can be used with playdough.  You will want to laminate or place in a sheet protector.  You can use the playdough to create the number 4.  Then Make balls of playdough and place on each circle.  As you say the Article of Faith you will smash the ball as you get to each matching picture.
This week we are also talking about baptism.  It is one of the steps above :)  I included a journal page where the kids can write some of their memories about their own baptism.

and a coloring page option.  In the blank space they can draw a picture of themselves on their baptism day.  For the little ones they can draw a way they are preparing or what they imagine their baptism day will be like.
 In 2 Nephi 32:3 talks about feasting upon the words of Christ.  I don't know about your kids but mine are super picky unless there is pizza involved.  Suddenly they are starving.  My plan is to make pizza with my kids and then do this activity.  We'll talk about what it means to feast and compare that to feasting on the scriptures.  Then we'll use this activity to discuss some of the things we can learn about when we feast on the words of Christ.  To prepare print the page below and the page of pepperoni.  Cut out the pepperoni and tape on the circles.  To use take turns pulling off a pepperoni, identify the picture, and share something you have learned about that topic studying the scriptures.
(*pictures include: temple, sacrament, prayer, commandments, Holy Ghost, Savior's example, repentance, and kindness/love one another)

 That's all I have for this week.  I did want to mention that there are so many topics in this week's lesson that we have already covered.  Use the search bar and it will take you to some of the past lessons.  I know there are several on the Holy Ghost, baptism, and the sacrament.  As always thank you for stopping by and let me know if you have any questions.

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Come Follow Me: 2 Nephi 26-30

*Originally Posted 2020

Marvelous & Wonder Cards
Included in the download is a Marvelous show and tell word cards.  Show the first card and ask what comes to mind when you hear the word marvelous?
Let your family show or tell you about something they have that is marvelous.
Show the next card and ask what comes to mind when you hear the word wonder?  Open your scriptures and read 2 Nephi 27:26. Do you know what event referred to in this verse?

Story Sequence cards of Joseph receiving the plates.  You can read or use this account here as a reference and this video clip

The Book of Mormon is precious story and book/journal pages.  I included a story from this talk and then there are pages to create your own book about all the things you learn from reading the Book of Mormon.

Line upon line puzzles.  Hide the puzzle pieces and give a clue to find each one.  Discuss how you would put the puzzle together one piece at a time instead of trying to do it all at the same time.

You can also teach this by making a dessert. Do not tell them the finished treat but give one ingredient at a time.  For both activities compare this to how Heavenly father gives us a piece at a time and how it works to give us a full picture (or treat :) )

Come unto Christ coloring page & journal pages

I'll walk with you mini book or song flip chart.

Download free printables here

Monday, March 4, 2024

March 2024 Holiday Calendar


I found 31 fun and unique holidays to celebrate with your family in March. Every day there is something new. I love that these calendars provide a jumping-off point for fun conversations and memories. My kids love picking new holidays to celebrate and being part of the planning. We don't celebrate all of these holidays but we do have fun checking our calendar daily to see what unique holiday lands on that day. You can find the free download below and I'd love to hear how your family celebrates or your favorite March holiday.

Download Here