Saturday, January 17, 2015

Easy go to crochet flower

Earlier this week I was asked to teach a group of ladies how to crochet a flower.  Most had never crocheted or had little experience so I went with one of my favorite go to flowers.  Its quick and easy if you know a few basic stitches.
Picture by the amazing Amie from Kitty Cats and Airplanes

You will need an H hook (or any size depending on how big you want your flower) and a small amount of worsted weight yarn.

Round 1: chain 2
Round 2: 6 sc in 2nd chain from hook, sl st in 1st sc
Round 3: ch 2, (dc, dc, ch. 2, sl st) in same stitch, *sl st in next sc, (ch2. dc, dc, ch. 2, sl st) in same stitch* repeat until you have 6 petals. sl st. to bottom of 1st petal. fasten off
*Leave a long tail to sew to headband or you can cut it short and hot glue to headband. I prefer to hot glue flower to headband on top of the knot where you fastened off. Then cut a felt circle and glue to the back side to create a clean look.

You can change to look by adding a button to the center or make a double layered flower by crocheting another flower with a hook one size bigger.  Stack the smaller one on top and sew together.

Do you have a go to flower?  I'd love to see it!