Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sock Wreath

Ever since I saw This Sock Wreath from Blue Cricket Design I have been wanting to make and and I finally did!  Here's how mine turned out.
Here's a quick how to (You can find Becca's full tutorial here): Cut through one side of a 12 inch foam wreath
 You need two pairs of Knee High socks (or I think 3 pairs of regular length should work).  You will cut each sock like this.  .
If you are using two different colors alternate as you slide them on your wreath.  Scrunch and tuck under edges.  Add a ribbon and now you have an adorable wreath.  It would be so cute to use fun colors for any time of year

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My favorite baby headband

I forgot to meniton I guest posted for Crafty Mommy Diva last week.  She is having a baby shower full of giveaways and tutorials right now.  Here's what I shared.

When I was trying to decided what I wanted to make for this post I kept thinking...what is something all baby girls need?  Headbands and bows!  There are tons of adorable bows out there but if your little one doesn't have much hair they are kind of useless.  So I'm going to show you how to make your own interchangeable headband. 
Here's one on my baby (she's almost three now!)
You need a pair of girls tights-the bigger the better.
Cut one leg off-above the heel and at the top.
Pin the two ends together
sew.  You can also do this by hand and if you don't have access to a needle and thread hot glue might work.  I've never tried it so please don't be mad at me if it doesn't :)
Turn it right side out
Pinch together
Cut a piece of ribbon about 3 inches long.  glue one end to the back of the seam.
Wrap around and glue the end to the back of the headband.
That all there is to it.
Now clip all your cute bows onto the ribbon.

It makes it easy to accessorize any outfit.

It's perfect for your tiny newborn
and will continue to grow with your baby.
Thanks for having me today.  Its been a lot of fun.  Stop by my blog anytime.  I love meeting new friends.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meet Tinkerbell

okay well the little doll inspired by Tinkerbell. 
I used the black apple template to make most of this doll.  But changed the hair, added a skirt, and wings.
The directions to make most of the doll are also found here but I am showing you how I made it with the few extra steps I took.
1. Sew the hair to the face.  2. Sew the face to the body.  3. Sew the skirt on. 
1. Sew the hair to the body.  2. Pin and sew wings down the center.
1. Paint face and shoes.
(Forgot to take pictures of the rest but you can find the instructions here if you have any questions)
1.  sew legs and arms.  2. Stuff.  3. Pin legs and arms and body right sides together.  4. Sew along the edge (leave an opening).  5. Turn and stuff.  6. sew up opening.

This is one of Livy's birthday presents.  She saw it when I snuck outside to take pictures.  She is in love and can't wait for her birthday so she can have her Tinkerbell.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Luckiest

One of my favorite things about St. Patrick's Day is Luck.  I reminds me how lucky I am to have so much love around me.  I wanted to create something special to remind me of that love so I used a line from one of my favorite songs and pictures of my little ones that make me feel so lucky to be a mom.  Today  I'll be sharing with you how to make a beautiful sign, perfect for St. Patricks Day and its so cute you just may want to keep it up all year.  I'll also be showing you two easy ways to paint your board instead of using vinyl; of course vinyl would also work :) 

You'll need: 1 board, 3 frames (5x7), paint and brush, Paint Pen (optional), 3 hooks, Ribbon, Contact paper(optional), scrapbook paper, pictures

First Paint your board (a light color works best)
For the letters:  I typed up my quote and printed.  I'm sure there are a lot of ways to do this but I used Microsoft Word.  Inserted a text box and sized based on the size of my board and picked the font and size I needed.  My board required two sheets of paper so I typed up the first half, printed, then deleted the text.  Type the second half of your quote and print.  It will keep the sizing and spacing the same. 
To transfer it onto your board scribble on the back with a pencil.  Tape right side up to your board. 

Trace around the edge of each letter. 
Pull of and it should look like this. 
I used a paint pen and went over the lines and filled in the letters.  (you can also paint them free hand but a paint pen is so much easier). 
For the branches I used this file and my cricut to cut out the branch design on contact paper. 
I used this as a stencil.  (or you can use the technique above)
Once I cut apart the stencil and placed where I wanted I added extra contact paper around the edges just to make sure I didn't get paint any where I didn't want. 
I painted inside my stencil with green paint. 
Once its dry peel off the contact paper.
Once everything is dry add your hooks. 
Cut scrapbook paper out to fit your frames (5x7).  Mine has green polka dots to tie it in with the green branches.  Glue your pictures (4x6) to the center of the paper (I turned mine black and white)
Measure and cut your ribbon.  Hot glue on the back to make a loop.  Add pictures to the frame and hang on the hooks.  The black, white, and green I used match my bathroom perfectly and that's where it will stay.  I love seeing everyday and being reminded how lucky I am.