Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meet Tinkerbell

okay well the little doll inspired by Tinkerbell. 
I used the black apple template to make most of this doll.  But changed the hair, added a skirt, and wings.
The directions to make most of the doll are also found here but I am showing you how I made it with the few extra steps I took.
1. Sew the hair to the face.  2. Sew the face to the body.  3. Sew the skirt on. 
1. Sew the hair to the body.  2. Pin and sew wings down the center.
1. Paint face and shoes.
(Forgot to take pictures of the rest but you can find the instructions here if you have any questions)
1.  sew legs and arms.  2. Stuff.  3. Pin legs and arms and body right sides together.  4. Sew along the edge (leave an opening).  5. Turn and stuff.  6. sew up opening.

This is one of Livy's birthday presents.  She saw it when I snuck outside to take pictures.  She is in love and can't wait for her birthday so she can have her Tinkerbell.