Wednesday, October 31, 2018

16 Holidays to Celebrate with your kids in November


It's time for another holiday calendar!  Can you believe Halloween is over and Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.  I know with everything going on these next two months you might be wondering why would I want to add one more thing to our long to do list.  Well that might be exactly why you need this holiday calendar.  I like to use it to slow down and spend a few special minutes (yes it can take just minutes) to create some special memories with my kids.  We pick a few and for the most part keep it pretty simple.  You do not need to celebrate all of them (we don't) just pick and choose what works for you and your family.

Download a copy of the calendar, print, display, and have fun.  

Articles of Faith Jeopardy

We have been working on our Articles of Faith in Activity Days.  This was a really fun game to review the ones they know and work on the ones they still need to learn.  I have to saw I was impressed with how much they knew.  I had some tough questions and they knew them! And who doesn't love Jeopardy?!?!
I tried to make everything easy and color coordinated for a quick set up.  Print and cut.  Glue the questions to the back of the number.  Each question card has 100-500 written in the corner so you know which number to glue it to.  Also there is an answer key for quick reference.

Here's a look at each category:

 What's missing: Each question will have a list and one of the words is missing.
I am showing you this one because I accidentally left out 2 words-apostles & teachers.  The others will only have 1 word missing.

 They can give you the numbers or just say the sentence.  So this one would be  3, 2, 1, 4
 Just like it sounds.  Show them the card and have them recite the verse.

Here's the size of board I used.  It will also fit (if everything is pushed really close) on a white poster board but you will not have room for the title.  Or you can use magnets on the white board or simply put them on the floor.

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Easy chocolate monster cookies and Halloween drink labels

I love making holiday themed treats and dinners.  However, life with 5 kids can be a little crazy and I don't have as much time as I'd like to do these creative projects.  That's why these cookies are perfect-really easy and really cute!

You need:
2 boxes chocolate cake(Devils's food is my favorite)
4 eggs
3/4 cups oil

Mix together. 

Roll into quarter size and place on a cookie sheet. - If the dough is sticky try adding some oil to your hands or a little flour to the dough.

Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

Add candy eyes right out of the oven. For even more deliciousness turn them into yummy ore cookies-just add the frosting from this post. 

These are great for a class party, Halloween party, family movie night, or just for fun!

 Another quick idea to add a little extra Halloween fun to your celebration.  Add some cute labels to your soda bottles.  Print free drink labels (here), cut, and tape on to your bottles.  I used sprite for witches brew and orange soda for pumpkin punch.  Grab some cups from the dollar store and you have instant (cheap) fun!  My kids think this is the great thing ever!  

Candy Corn Counting Mats

Counting mats are a fun way to help your kids practice number recognition and counting skills.  Add a little Halloween fun and fill the jars with candy corn. 

Download Here and print on cardstock.  I like to laminate mine.  You can also create a file folder game by glue the two pages into a folder.

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Friday, October 26, 2018

I can Follow Jesus Christ by Serving Others Lesson Helps (Primary 2 Lesson 39)

Here are some free primary lesson helps for lesson 39 I can follow Jesus Christ by serving others.  I hope you find something helpful for you class this week :)  Any of these activities would also be a great FHE lesson on service.

Attention Activity Letter Hunt: I normally follow the lesson pretty closely but this time I had an idea that will take a little more time but I hope will help the children see that Jesus served others throughout his life. Before class you will need to print and cut out letters. I also suggest that you bring pictures that go with each example if available.

 There are a few ways you can do this:

1. Treasure hunt and follow clues around the church. On the back write the clues to each spot-one reverence suggestion would be to have the clue on a separate piece of paper that way they are not leaving to find the next clue before you are ready for them to go. And Hide your clues before class- try to mix up the order of the letters.
*I did not include clues because I’m terrible at coming up with them haha and also every class and church is different. You will need one to start and I suggest before the last clue is given say something to let them know there is only one left. Some sample clues: This is where you go if you get thirsty, You are ready to pay your tithing look where you would find the envelopes, The final clue can be found if you need a little shade. You can get a lot more creative with these…did I mention that clue writing is not a talent of mine 😊

2. Hide the letters around the room and let them search for them.
3. Tape each letter to the wall in your classroom and go from letter to letter as a group.

(example of how to start your lesson…For ease I’m going to use the treasure hunt for this example but you can easily adjust based on the way you choose to do this activity)
While on earth Jesus provided the perfect example of how we should live. As we follow him we become more like him. Read John 13:15. Today we are going to follow the clues and discover what he is asking us to do. At this point give the first clue. Quietly walk to the first spot and let them look for the letter. Once found read the example on the front. Ask your class if they can tell you the story-show the picture if you brought one. Once done read the next clue. Don’t forget to take the letter with you. Continue until all the letters have been found. Take the letters back to class and work together to put them in order to spell “service”.

Then move on the the scripture story in the lesson.

Here are a few more Lesson Helps

Story Cards

Art Activity  : I included a few different ways to do this.
Pick 3 people to serve this week.  Write 1 person per box and write or draw a picture how the can serve that person.

Or a simplified option-draw and write one way you can serve today.

Enrichment Activity #2: 2 options for this as well.
Decorate the service hearts.  Encourage the children to do the acts of service and leave the heart for the person to find.
2nd option are these cute "super server" cards that the kids can color and pass out as they serve (or leave anonymously).  Let them know as they serve others they are like a super hero to the person they help.  There is a boy and a girl option with 4 cards per sheet.  These are black and white and made to be colored.  Print one page per child.  My 5 year old helped me color these samples on the computer-I think she did pretty good!

Enrichment Activity #6 Service Go Fish or matching game. (These cards also work for the suggested activity-charades and the "Activity section" in the lesson)  Each picture corresponds with a question or scenario.  In both games when the full set of matches are found ask the question that goes with the card.  For the match game print 2 of each page on cardstock.  Take turn find a match.  Go fish will take a little more time to play but it will be something fun and new.  You will need to print 4 of each page on cardstock.  The instruction are in the download in case you need a refresher.
Update: I tried go fish today and for the amount of time you will have we switched to a a set of 2 instead of 4.  Also it was a big hit. 

Coloring page because sometimes you just need an easy activity.

I also love this video clip .  It from the Church's Light the World initiative.  Its a pretty amazing way to show the Saviors examples of service next to ways we can serve like him.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Free Halloween Bingo

My kids love bingo and we are now adding a Halloween edition to the mix.  There are 5 different boards (let me know if you need more) and 2 pages of calling cards.  For some extra fun use candy corn or Halloween colored m&ms as markers.

Bonus: Print 2 of the calling cards for a fun Halloween match game.

Adorable graphics from  La Boutique dei Colori Krista Wallden - Creative Clips, my cute graphics,   Jen Hart Designand  Glitter Meets Glue Designs

Pin the hat on the witch (Free Printable Game)

Here's a fun Halloween spin on the classic game of pin the tail on the donkey.  Pin the hat on the Witch is quick and easy game for your next Halloween party or movie night (Hocus Pocus maybe).  

It's sure to make any cute little witch smile :)

 For some more fun Halloween fun try Frankie Says or Don't Eat Pete!

Adorable graphics from  La Boutique dei Colori and  Glitter Meets Glue Designs

Thursday, October 18, 2018

I will Remember Jesus Christ During the Sacrament (Primary 2 Lesson 38)

I just finished the rest of this lesson (I posted some of it last week but ran out of time due to family in town). Here are some fun lesson helps for lesson 38 (I will remember Jesus Christ during the sacrament).

Scripture Story and discussion.  Cut apart and as you read the scriptures at the end you can use these as a visual.  You can also fold or cover up the words and ask your class if they know what each represents before you show them the words.

Scripture: Here's a fun match game I made for on of our family home evenings.  The instructions and download are in the post.

Story: Have the children draw a picture of their favorite story about the Savior.  Let them come to the front of the class and share their picture as well as the story.

Discussion:  Print out the Question page and print and cut the circles on the next page.  Place the circles in a bag and have the children take turns drawing them.  After ask if they have any ideas and write them on your page.

Activity:Print and cut out the cards.  Take turns picking a card and decide if its something we should or should not think or do during the sacrament.  You can use the idea in the manual and have them stand or sit, or do thumbs up or thumbs down, smile or frown, or use the happy and sad face from last weeks lesson.

Enrichment activity #1:  Here's a cute mini coloring book with the lyrics to the song.  Print one for each child.  If you have an older class they can cut and staple the books together during class.  For younger classes I would have it ready ahead of time.  Cut the pages apart and bind either with staples or  hole punch the top corner and bind with a book ring or ribbon.  If you are like me and have a few kids that are not real interested in making one for themselves (this could also read as a couple of 8 year old boys that have no interest in any of my coloring activities haha)  encourage them to make on for their younger siblings. My hope is that they will bring this little book to church with them and look through it during Sacrament meeting.
(Update: the link is now fixed.  I'm so sorry to those that needed the mini book sooner! If there is ever a problem with one of the downloads please don't hesitate to let me know.)

Enrichment Activity #3: Print and cut into 5 puzzle pieces. Make sure you have one question per puzzle piece.  Place pieces on the table or hide around the room.  Answer the questions and put the puzzle together.  (B&W version also included)

Enrichment Activity #4 A cute visual to go with the activity.  Say together and ask the questions in the manual.

Print the downloads  Here and here and match game here

Adorable graphics from MelonheadzMather's Music, Krista Wallden - Creative Clips Graphics From the Pond Party Printables, P4 Clips Trioriginals , and  fonts by Hello Literacy

Friday, October 12, 2018

Candy Corn Number Puzzles (1-10)

Today I have a fun way to practice numbers.  These cute candy corn puzzles are quick to prepare and will be enjoyed by your preschooler.  Its also a great way to introduce 10 frames.  They will also work on their number recognition and one to one correspondents.  

Download and print the candy corns.  Laminate (optional) and cut along the dark lines.  Mix the pieces up and have your preschool find the 3 pieces for each puzzle.