Wednesday, October 25, 2017

F is for Frankenstein Mini Pack

There is still a few more days before Halloween and this is such a cute way to squeeze in some learning.  I love this Letter F Mini Packet  and you can download it here.  
*The downloaded version will not have the watermark.

First up is some Letter writing practice and coloring.  Seriously how cute is this little guy?  I also purchased a new font so I can make more writing practice sheets for my upcoming themes.  I'm so excited about this.

Next is a Halloween version of Simon Says.  Change the name to Frankie and you have the perfect themed game.  Use the ideas on this page or make up your own.  Either way it will be lots of fun.  You can also cut the ideas out and let the kids pick on from a jar.  
*As a little extra bonus you can cut out the adorable Fankenstein and use it to play hot and cold.  We did and it was a favorite!

The final game  is Roll a Frankenstein.  (the idea came from here) The idea is to take turn rolling  the dice and the first person to complete their Frankenstein wins!  You can adjust rules to the age group.  For example older kids I give them one roll if they have already rolled that number it moves on the the next player.  For the younger ones we give them some extra rolls until they get a new number.

I did include a template to create your own dice.  This has numbers on it not dots.  It is completely option-you can use dice from any board game you have at home. I wanted the kids to recognize what each number looks like and then on our Reference key (just below) they can count the dots to figure out what number they got.
This can be played two ways...
1. Is the less prep option.  Give each player a  piece of paper and pencil and let them draw their own Frankenstein.  Works great for older kids.  Everyone starts with a head.  
2. From construction paper cut out each piece before the game-1 set per player.   I stuck with basic shapes and we reviewed these before we started the game.
You will need:
 a mouth-not really a shape
eyes- oval in white and circle in black
 hair-triangles (I did 4 per set)
nose oval
 bolts point out the 2 rectanges
 scar 4 skinny rectangles
Face- green rectangle 
I did mine jumbo size so we could turn it into a craft after but you can make them much smaller.  After we played our game I let the kids glue their Frankenstein together.

  Its amazing how different and cute they all turned out.

You can find more of our preschool themes here and lots of great Halloween inspiration on our Fall preschool pinterest board.

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