Saturday, October 14, 2017

Halloween Math Board Game

So I kind of love this little review board game and so did my 4 year old.  We are working on numbers up to 5 and this was a really fun way to review.  

In the download you will receive 1 adorable Halloween game board, Number cards, and an optional spinner. I recommend printing on cardstock or laminating.  Cut everything apart and you are ready to go.  We placed our number cards in a paper sack but you can also put them in a pile.

 (sample of the number cards)

We used some game markers from our sorry game but anything will work. 
To play: The first person draws a card and either says the number or counts the pictures.  If they are correct they can spin and move to the color they land on.  First one to the end wins.
Alternative option: Draw a card (count or say the number) and move that many spaces.  No spinner needed.

Spinner tip:  We did not use the arrow for our spinner I included in case you want to use it.  We used a paperclip and a pencil and it spins very easy.  Place the point of the pencil inside one end of the paper clip and flick to spin.

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