Monday, October 16, 2017

Crocheted Princess Crowns and Wands

I love the age of dress up, princess, pirates, superheros, and make believe.  I love seeing their imagination grow and get a little glimpse into their dream world.  With Halloween around the corner I wanted to share this adorable princess set I made my girls last year.  Not only are they perfect for dress up but also are pretty amazing photo props.

If you have a little one that likes to dress up and you know how to crochet (also has a knitted version) you can find the pattern I used here.

Here are a few other pattern options
Free Pattern from IraRott Designs
Free pattern found here

Free pattern for a larger sized crown found here.

Free pattern found here
Found on Etsy

Free pattern here

Baby size on etsy

Free pattern on Ravelry

one fit for a prince or princess found on etsy

and the perfect applique for any princess project found (free pattern found here)

And just a sneak peek at tomorrows post...Free Printables!  Don't worry I didn't leave out the boys :)

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