Monday, February 12, 2018

Reading Bingo (Free Printable)

I'm so excited about this new Free Printable!  I love reading, always have, and just assumed my kids would too.  That hasn't really been the case with most of them.  I'm hoping with this new Reading Bingo Game that some of the required reading will turn into a love for reading. 

I chose a variety of challenges for each square such as reading in a different place, reading to different people, and reading different types of books.   Hopefully this will make reading seem less like something they have to do and instead turn it into something they look forward to doing.  I'm using this right now during the school year but this would be a wonderful summer activity as well.  

Use the link below to download a copy of this free reading bingo printable (I included a black and white version too if you want to save on ink).  Print 1 copy for each child. I recommend card stock and laminating if you want to reuse it.  White board markers work great to cross the boxes off and will erase.  If you aren't worried about reusing or are going for a blackout regular paper is great too.   

How we Play.  
I allow my kids to pick one square a day and once its complete they can cross it off.  Each bingo results in a little prize (candy bar, stay up a little later, treat of their choice, etc...doesn't need to cost money!).  Erase and play again.  If they are feeling ambitious they can go for a black out to receive a larger prize and each bingo they receive on the way is a small piece of candy instead of the regular prize for a bingo.


  1. Hi, I'm a media specialist at an elementary school working to encourage reading during this virtual learning time! Is it okay for me to send this to my students? I will include your web address, too. I'd love to have them send me pics of bingo boards completed so that I can send them a bookmark in the mail! I love this activity!

    1. That is a wonderful idea! Yes you are more than welcome to send this to your students. Thank you for asking :)