Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Crocheted Arrow Farmhouse Sign

This might be one of my favorite projects.  It combines my love of crochet with my love for home decor (especially framed signs!)
I actually made this a year ago and use it in my girls room but love to bring it into the living room for Valentine's day.  I used this pattern to create the arrow (it's a paid pattern).  If arrows aren't really your thing or you are looking for a free pattern the possibilities with this idea are endless.  The only thing is you probably want something that lays somewhat flat.  I love the ideas of flowers, animals, these feathers, or even simple hearts. 

To make this sign I first crocheted my arrow.  Then cut a board to fit the size I needed.  To get the look of this board I stained it.  Once it was dry I painted it gray then heavily distressed the entire board so the colors sort of blended together.  Cut, stained, and attached the frame (quick tutorial can be found in this post or this one).  Then used hot glue to attach the arrow to the center.

I love the texture the yarn adds that paint just can't do.  Of course you could always add some vinyl or painted letters it would be so cute!

Here are a couple more colors.  These ones are in my little boys room.

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