Thursday, February 8, 2018

7 Free Piano Practice Tracker Sheets

I have 2 kids in piano.  One loves it and the other not so much.  Practicing through out the week is a big part of success and it is so easy for the week to pass by quickly and realize that they practiced maybe once.  Hopefully that's just my house :)  Instead of me needing to bug them and staying on top of it I have now moved the responsibility to them. 

 We are now using these cute Piano Practice Trackers to keep them accountable.  After the first week they noticed their success in passing songs went right along with how much they practiced.

They come is 7 different colors!  The 4 pictured above and the 3 below.  Hopefully something for everyone.

 You can download and print the FREE Piano Practice Trackers  here.

 Adorable Backgrounds are from Instruct and Inspire, KHDigi, and Sweet Shoppe Designs

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