Thursday, February 1, 2018

Mini Farmhouse signs using 2x4s

I absolutely love farmhouse style decor and you can see more and more of it showing up in my home.  One of my favorite things are framed signs.  There is just something about a great quote or saying mixed with a rustic wood frame and I'm in love!  However I've found I don't have quite as much wall space for the quantity and size of signs I would love to have haha.  I have a few shelves that needed a little something and thought why not make some mini farmhouse signs.  I searched for some and they are really hard to find.  So I got to work and these little signs are the perfect shelf sitter.  The best part is they are super cheap...I used 2x4 scraps and some cheap 1x2s for the frame. 


Start  with your 2x4 cut the length to desired measurements.  Use your favorite technique to paint the front of your sign.  I like to paint mine the word color.  Add vinyl, paint sign color and once its dry peel of the vinyl and distress.  You can find a full tutorial in this post.

If you don't have access to vinyl this post has some great tips using the pencil method or you can use carbon copy paper for a similar effect.

 Once your sign is dry its time for the frame.  Cut your 1x2 the same length as the top and bottom or your sign. 

For the sides leave your top and bottom frame pieces in place and measure from the very top to the very bottom of the 1x2s.  Cut and stain your boards.  Once dry use wood glue to attach in place.  For extra stability you can use a nail gun as well.

That's it!  I love the endless possibilities of this project.  If farmhouse isn't exactly your style changing  the color of the frame and font style will make a huge difference. 

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