Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Reversible Valentine's and St. Patrick's day Blocks

I have a quick project for you and lets just call it the lazy way to get an awesome distressed look with half the work.  
You can do this with any sign but I thought it would be fun to use some 4x4 blocks I had laying around and turn them into reversible Valentine's and St. Patty's day decor.  I love when I have something that is quick to change for the season and even better less to store.

Sand and paint your blocks.  
 I used chalk paint but any kind will work.
 Size and cut your vinyl.  Apply to your blocks.
 Paint a thin coat of the same color of paint directly over your vinyl.
 Let it dry
 Using a piece of sandpaper gently sand the paint off your vinyl.  It will give your vinyl a matte look and leave some paint making it look hand painted and distressed instead of vinyl.
 You can sand some of your block too for a great overall distressed look.  
You can also lightly rub some dark wax along the edges and a few spots on your wood.  I used the edge of a paper towel to apply it.  Once it drys sand to give it a more even look.

 I tied some tulle around the blocks to give it a little more color and just switched the color out for each holiday.

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