Friday, December 29, 2017

19 Fun Holidays to Celebrate in January

With the arrival of baby #5 just a little over a month a way and the New Year I've been trying to find some ways to simplify life and figure out a routine that works for us. One of the big thing we changed is our preschool plan.  We were apart of a little group where we rotated houses.  It was fun but it wasn't the right fit for us.  So that means we will be doing preschool at home and there will be more posts and plans for you!  I can't wait!

One thing I'm excited to start is this monthly calendar full of some fun and kind of quirky holidays.   I found some kid friendly ones that I think will be perfect to incorporate into our preschool plan or use it as a fun way to connect with your kids (I'm really excited that my older school aged kids can join in as well).  Simply download a copy of the calendar, print, and display.  You do not need to celebrate all of them (we probably won't) just pick and choose what works for you and your family.

My kids love something new and unexpected.  It doesn't need to be anything elaborate or take a lot of planning.  Many days just do exactly what it says like take a bubble bath, hug some one, or do a puzzle.  Here are a few ideas I came up with (click on the images to take you to the post):

New Years

Bird day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Popcorn day: make a bag of popcorn, snuggle up and watch a movie.  
OR try one of the delicious popcorn recipes on pinterest.  
Like this Unicorn popcorn

Appreciate a dragon day

or watch How to Train Your Dragon or my favorite Pete's Dragon!
I'll be posting ideas as I finalize my plans and also as we celebrate some of these holidays.  My hope is that this will be something fun for your family and a way to create some special memories.  I'd love to hear your ideas and see pictures of your celebrations!

Amazing graphics by: Melonheadz Illustrating, Educlips,  

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Bingo! (Free printable game)

Bingo is such a classic game all kids and adults love.  I wanted something fun to do with my cute kids one night and this is the perfect addition to any family fun night, class or family party, etc.  I included 5 different boards so you can have multiple players.

We use Christmas M&M's for markers and have fun eating them as well!  I printed mine on cardstock for durability.  Laminating would be a good idea if you have that option just to be able to keep them for years.

There are 3 pages of calling cards as well.  Print on cardstock, cut, and your ready to play.
As a bonus you can always print 2 sets of calling cards for an adorable Christmas Match Game.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Rustic Pallet Christmas Sign

 Can I just say I love this sign!  I made it for a recent craft fair and was a little sad that it sold and I couldn't take it home with me.  I was in a rush and didn't take step by step pictures but it's not to difficult. 
 I cut my deer out with my scroll saw.  If you don't have one not problem...use paint or vinyl or even a fun patterned cardstock.  It won't be the exact look but it will still be amazing.   

Here's a quick how to if you are using a scroll saw...this is from another post so just pretend its a deer.  
To get started google deer silhouette...there are also a lot on pinterest..  Go with a basic one especially if you are going to be cutting it out with a saw.  Copy and paste in a word document and size to fit your project.  Print and trace on your board.  I used thin plywood for this part.  I used carbon copy paper to transfer image to wood.   

 With a scroll saw carefully cut along the lines.  Paint.

For the pallet background I actually used cheap cedar boards (I think they are used for fencing?) and cut 3 to about 12" long.  I think the board was around $2.50 and I easy had enough for this sign.   Sand and paint!  They start off rough but will get pretty smooth.  I was going for the rustic look and this type of wood works well because your edges are not going to be perfectly even.  If you want a smoother look you might want to use a nicer board.  Lay them where you want them and use wood glue to attach them together.  Once it's dry flip over and secure with some staples.  It might still be a little wobbly but your frame will help secure it.
Now to make the frame...back to the other post for instructions. You are going to use 1x2s (small side showing).  Measure the length of the top and bottom of your frame.  Mark and cut boards.  Put in place.  Then measure from the top of your frame to the bottom of your frame to come up with the side length (see picture below).  Mark and cut.  Stain or paint for boards.  Once they are dry use a nail gun to attach directly to your sign.

Glue your deer head to the center of your boards using wood glue.  Let it dry.  That's it!  

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Texas Sheet Cake

When I moved my blog to this new address I kept a lot of my favorite projects and recipes.  Today I realized I forgot this one and it is my FAVORITE dessert.  I know the picture isn't super awesome (maybe one day I'll get the hang of photography) but don't let it fool you this one is a keeper.


I LOVE Texas Sheet Cake. This is one of my favorite desserts my mom makes. When I left for college I did not know how to cook/bake anything (I've come a long way in seven years). This is one of the recipes I borrowed and even I was able to make it. There you have it-easy and delicious.
Texas Sheet Cake
*Heat to boil:
4 Tbsp. cocoa
1 stick of butter
1/2 cup oil
1 cup of water
*Remove from heat and pour over:
2 cups flour
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup milk
2 eggs
1tbs baking soda
1tsp. vanilla
*beat for 2 minutes. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.
*Heat to boil:
4 tbsp cocoa
6 tbsp milk
1 stick of butter
*pour over:
1 box of powered sugar (I use about 1/2 a bag)
1 tsp. vanilla.
*Beat (add more sugar if needed) and spread over hot cake. ---I like to make my frosting as soon as I pull the cake out of the oven. As soon as the frosting is ready the cake is cool enough for it to be added. If the cake is too hot the frosting will just soak through (that is how my sister likes it).

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Countdown to Christmas Chalkboard Sign

I'm a little late getting this posted but its so quick and easy you can have it ready for most of December.

I actually made it for a craft fair and thought I took some pictures but I can't seem to find them so here's a quick run through.

Supplies: (this post does contain affiliate links)
Board from Walmart-I loved the shape but you can cut a board any size and leave the edges square and still have an adorable sign.
paint-your choice of color
Lettering-Vinyl but you can always paint it
mini board-scrap wood cut to size (you can also find small wood cutouts at walmart in the craft section)
Chalkboard paint (not be be confused with chalk paint)-I used one similar to this.

Paint you main board and add your lettering.
Cut your small board to fit space and paint with chalkboard paint.
Glue your little board to the main board with wood glue and let everything dry.
season with chalk and you are ready to write your numbers.

*You can set your board on the shelf, add a hood to the back or some twine to hang.

Monday, December 4, 2017

December Visiting Teaching Handouts (free printables)

Can you believe its already December?!?  Time sure flies.  I love this time of year and that it brings out the best in people.  Even in the excitement and busy time I hope it also reminds us to take a step back and serve others.  I hope we remember the real meaning behind Christmas and all that our Savior has done for us.  This months message is beautiful and so fitting for this time of year.  You can find the full message here.

To Print:
Click on the picture.  Right click to save to your computer.
Print at home or send it to your favorite place to print pictures.
If printing at home I like to insert the picture in a word document.  Size and print 3 or 4 to a page depending on how many you need.  
These are formatted as 5x7 but can easily be resized to fit your needs.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Handprint Christmas Tree

There is something so sweet about a handprint.  Here's a quick and fun idea from my old preschool blog.
I got this idea from A little tipsy. I just painted Aubrey's hand green and had her stamp it on the paper 3 a little higher then the last one. Let it dry and then cut out. We glued it onto a piece of paper. Aubrey glued on pom poms and a foam star. The trunk is just construction paper.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Christmas Candy countdown

When I was little we would make these countdowns every year.  They are really simple and you can add whatever you would like to each day.  I remember my mom using little toys, a toothbrush, pez dispensers, etc. as well as candy.  I wanted to start this tradition with my kids and since we were oh 9 days behind we just used candy.
You will need plastic wrap, yarn, and enough candy (or other prizes) for each day until Christmas.
Roll out a long piece of plastic wrap (don't cut it yet).  Place 1 candy in the center and evenly placed.  You will want about 2 or more inches between each (ours were a little close but work) and don't forget to leave that much space at each end.
 Once you are done cut your plastic wrap and fold each side across your candy.
 Next tie yarn (you can use ribbon, string or whatever you have) between each piece.

 Hang up and each day you cut one section off and enjoy.  This is why you want to have extra space for each day so you don't cut the next one too close.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Free Woodland Animal Prints

I'm so excited to share these new woodland prints with you!  If you've been here for a while or maybe coming from my old prints you may know that I use to have a huge set of woodland printables but recently found out I can no longer share them for free.  I was so sad but decided to use this oportunity to create some new prints for you!   I have to say I absolutely LOVE these new ones and hope you do too.  This amazing clip art comes from Prettygrafik design and ClipArtisan.  

Each animal comes in two different background options the dark wood or the rustic blue.  Click on the link below the picture to take you to the correct color option.  Save to your computer and print from home or your favorite print shop. All are sized as 8x10s.  Enjoy! 

*These are for personal use only please.*  

P.S. Little Girl Woodland Prints are now available here!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

9 Free Thanksgiving Printables

Can you believe October is already over and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  This time of year is so fun but can be crazy busy.  I love decorating for the holidays and  Printables make it so easy and quick.  Pick your favorite/favorites, print, and frame. These are all sized as 8x10 prints.

*please note these are for personal use only*

 You have three options to download.  
1. click on the link below each picture and download to your computer.  Sized as 8x10
2. click on the picture.  Right click and save to your computer or copy and paste in a word document.  Sized as 8x10.  However you can always insert into a word document and resize to fit your needs.
Print from home or send to your favorite print shop.
3. click on the PDF link after the last printable This will allow you to easily print from your computer with out worrying about sizing.

Exclusive Prints
These next two prints are available to those that have subscribed to my newsletter. The watermark will not be on the print.   Check your latest email for the link to my exclusive prints.  These were just added to the Thanksgiving Folder.  If you need the code again or have any problems downloading the prints please contact me.

Haven't subscribed yet?  No problem.  You can quickly sign up on my sidebar.  Don't worry I only send emails when I have something awesome to share with this!

November Visiting Teaching & General Conference Printables

November is a little tricky to create Visiting Teaching printables because you are picking a talk and quotes from General Conference.  There are so many amazing ones to choose from.  I decided I'm going to add a few of my favorites and maybe one will be your favorite too.  But if you have a quote or talk you just love and would like a printable for it please let me know!  I'd love to create and share some prints based on the quotes you would like to share with your sisters.  Just leave a comment or email me and I'll get to may take me a day or two so please keep that in mind.  I'm excited to see how this goes and if its something I can continue to offer in the future.

This first set is from President Uchtdorf's talk in the General Women's Session.  It is such a great one on how our attitude effects our life.

This next one is from President Nelson's talk on The Book of Mormon.  There were so many quotes I loved that I just added them all.  

This last one has a few quotes from President Eyring's talk. I love that he talked about going forward without fear and also the best way to do this is by serving others.

As  continue to read and study the the talks for General Conference I hope to add more prints and please send me your favorite quotes.  I love giving handouts to the sisters I visit but especially with Conference talks I love to print them out to display in my house (framed, on the fridge, taped on my mirror, etc.)

To Print:
Click on the picture.  Right click to save to your computer.
Print at home or send it to your favorite place to print pictures.
If printing at home I like to insert the picture in a word document.  Size and print 3 or 4 to a page depending on how many you need.  
These are formatted as 5x7 but can easily be resized to fit your needs.