Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pretty and Pink

Before: In school about 4 years ago our neighbors were moving and they asked us if we wanted this desk. Of course we said yes because I just broke our cheap walmart desk. It has served as our computer desk ever since. A month ago we bought a computer desk and weren't sure what to do with this. After weeks of thinking I finally decided on a Dresser for Olivia (she doesn't' have one). After: Isn't it cute! I need some handles still but the ribbon is working out for now. Here's what I did:
I got the help of two adorable girls to help me clean it.Pulled all of the handles off and tossed (they were gross and a few were broken)
Sanded and primed.
Added about 3 coats of spray painttied ribbon to create temporary handles (The wide ones are cute but the two little ones look kind of funny)hemmed three sides of 1/2 yard Amy Butler fabric and stapled the raw edge to the underside of the desk.Decorated. Behind the fabric I am hidding a basket with extra hats, blankets, bibs, etc.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Song box

Here is our fun song box. It is just a box full of cards with children's songs written on them. They have a picture on one side (so Aubrey knows what song) and the title on the other side. When we have time Aubrey will pick one out and we will sing it. It is great because I often forget what songs she knows so it adds some variety. Also she thinks it is fun to pull out a card. I found the idea on The Tip Junkie blog (one of my favorites.) She has several children's songs ready to be printed out and also a label for your box. Here is the link if you are interested.

She uses an empty baby wipes container but all of ours are full so we used this leftover Christmas tin.
I decorated the outside with paint, ribbon, and a flower. I also made my own label instead of using the one provided.
Inside are the songs. I don't remember how many she has ready but I added another 15 such as baby bumble bee, wheels on the bus, and monkey's in a tree. I just typed up the song and used free clip art from the computer to make additional cards. We will continue adding more as we go.

I like how it turned out and it makes singing a little more fun. (I also want to make a list of all the songs to keep in the car for long trips)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Candy Jar

This was super easy and took about 5 minutes to make. I just took an empty jar I bought at the DI for $0.75 a while ago and filled it with candy. I then used white stickers to spell out sweet treats (rub-ons or vinyl would also be cute). I tied ribbon around the top and secured with a glue dot and added a button on top with another glue dot. I love it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fabric High Chair

Olivia has out grown her high chair (continued to stand and wouldn't eat in it) and is now at the regular table-problem she is too tiny to see her food if she is sitting and she is so wiggly a phone book makes me nervous. She stands or sits and has fallen off a few time (one right on her head and I about had a heart attack). We've been trying to come up with the best solution and nothing has worked. I saw this idea on homemade by Jill awhile ago and finally made it. I like the idea because she can still sit at the table with us, she will be safe sitting on a book, and now she will be able to see her food without having to stand.

Jill gives some instructions as to how she made it but its not a full tutorial so I thought I would share how I made mine. Also my measurements are slightly smaller than hers.  Chairs vary so if yours has spaces further apart you will want to add some length to your straps. 

You need:
a little less then 1/2 yard of 2 coordinating fabrics.
Velcro (mine is 6" long)
sewing machine and thread

Start by cutting out your pieces -cut one from both fabrics and your batting
strap- 6"x38"
connector piece-5 1/2" x 4"
base- 19"x10"
It should look like this
sandwich your pieces by placing fabrics right sides together and the batting on top. Pin together.
Sew three sides of the connector piece (leave one of the short end open) Pull your fabric through and top stitch the two long sides.

sandwich the strap pieces together (like the connector piece) mark where your connector piece will go (this will also be your opening for turning your fabric). Sew around your strap-curve your corners if you want. pull the fabric through

place your connector piece in the opening and pin in place (make sure you fold down the edges of the strap). top stitch around the strap sewing the connector piece in place and close the opening.

Sandwich and sew your base piece leaving an opening at the top (short side) for the connector piece. Pull fabric through, pin connector piece in place and top stitch around.

pin your Velcro on each side of the straps . Sew in place.
Its an easy project and Livy loves it. Lets hope the excitement lasts awhile. This is also perfect to take on trips.