Sunday, December 8, 2019

Come Follow Me: Revelations 1-11 (December 9-15

This week we are going to talk about Revelations 3:20 and what it means to open the door or our heart to the Savior.  I love, love, love this image of the Savior waiting for us to let him into our hearts and life. 

I have a couple of ideas for you to introduce this topic.

The first two involve this printable. You will need to print it out and

this page.  
Carefully cut the top and bottom of the door and the right side (by the handle).  This will allow the door to open.  After you do this to all 8 doors you are going to place the page with the letters directly behind it and tape or glue together.  The idea is to have the door open and reveal the letter or heart so make sure you do not glue the doors shut :) 

This is from a different game but same idea and will hopefully give you a visual on how to make it.

You will also need one of the following games.
But first lets decide on a game
Option one Match game: print 2 copies of the heart page on cardstock or back with construction paper.  When you find a match open the same color door.  As you find matches you will discover letters that will help you find out who is knocking on the door. (It spells Jesus)

*Tired of match games? Print just one page of hearts and hide them around the room.  When a color is found open the door.

Option 2 Board Game: Again we are going to find out who is knocking on the door but this time compete in a fun board game.  You'll need a game piece for each player (or teams).  I like to use buttons, pom poms, or pieces from a different game.  You will also need 1 dice.  On your turn roll the dice and move the number of spaces.  If you land on a heart you get to open one of the doors.  Everyone is working together to open all of the doors before someone reaches the OR if you haven't opened all the doors before someone makes it to the end that person get to guess first who they think is at the door. 

If you have older kids and want to make it more of a competition or talk more about ways to let Christ in while playing then use this board instead of the letters.  If a player lands on a heart they get to pick a door and move that many extra spaces but first they need to share a way they can "open the door" for the Savior.

Show the picture of the Savior at the door (found here) Then share one of the following quotes and discuss how you can invite the Savior into your life.

 This video would be a great video to share.

There is also a cute coloring activity at the end of the Primary manual that fits this perfectly or I have this one :)  The sample is in the middle.  The idea is to write ways you open the door to the Savior.  Oh and the door opens! Cut around the door. Fold the flap backwards and glue to the main page. 

That's everything for this week.  Please let me know if you have any questions or trouble with the download.

**To be super honest I have struggled with these chapters and thought maybe some of you might as well.  Because of this I am open to requests for additional resources this week.  I recognize there may be topics in these chapters that you want to cover with your family or primary class this week and I would love to help you simplify it for your kids.  If you are needing something please email me with your ideas (specific visuals, a game, etc-not just a topic please) and I will accommodate the very best I can. Another option is to use the search bar!  There is almost a years worth of Come Follow Me resources and most have covered several topics so there is a chance you might find something that works (plan of salvation and the atonement come to mind). If you need some help with this please ask and I'll check for those links for you.  I'll add any additional helps to this page and download :)  I am so grateful for all of you taking the time to stop by my little blog.  It really means so much to me and I appreciate your patient with me.  I love doing all of this because of you :)


  1. Beautiful lesson helps Crystal! I love these door scenarios so much! Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for the time you put into creating these lesson helps! They sure help get the kids involved and remember the lessons!

    I will be using the door game and then after I am going to talk about how we can let the Savior into our lives. I am going to have one of the kids come up and we will dress him up so he is letting the Savior into his life.
    Put a hat on to represent that we always remember Him
    put head phones on to represent that we will listen to good music
    sunglasses represent that we will watch good shows
    tape ears on the headphones to represent that we will listen to the spirit
    put an apron or tool belt on to represent service
    have them hold the scriptures to represent reading the scriptures
    put a heart necklace on to represent that we will be forgiving and love others
    put big shoes on representing that we will follow in Christ's footsteps

    Talk about how these are all ways we can let the Savior into our lives.

    Just an idea!!

    1. I love that idea! Thank you so much for sharing!