Friday, October 20, 2017

How to update your old Vinyl Signs

Chances are you have some vinyl signs in your home that you once loved but now aren't sure if it still fits in with your decor.  Instead of tossing them lets try to give it a new look.

Here's one I had in my house.  I love the quote but the colors and overall look were not quite right.  The after is quite the transformation.

I love the farmhouse look but if its not quite your style you can still use the same method just tweek the colors and the amount of sanding to give it the look you love.

Here's the Before one more time.
 Paint your sign, vinyl, everything!  I used chalk paint but I've used acrylic paint and it worked.  You want it to be a light coat on the vinyl.
 Once its dry gently sand the top of the vinyl by hand. Use a small amount and try to go right across the top of the vinyl.  Sand to your desired look.  (If you don't want a distressed look I've used my finger nail and scraped  all the paint off the vinyl without touching any of my board).
This kind of shows you the difference between sanded and not sanded. 

You can also sand and distress the rest of your board.  If you need to touch up some of the paint.
You can leave it just like this or move on the the frame section.
Cut, stain, and assemble your frame.  I like to use gorilla glue to attach it to my board and then add a few nails with the nail gun for support.  On a frame this size you can really get away with just the glue (I've only done this with gorilla glue I can't promise other glues will hold.)
Enjoy your new/old sign.

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