Friday, December 9, 2016

Paper plate Rudolph

Here's another fun kids Christmas craft. This one was also shared on our preschool blog years ago.


I saw this fun idea on A mommy's adventure. It was a lot of fun and they are adorable. I poured a little paint on the top of the paper plate. I was going to have them use their hands but they insisted on brushes. We cut and glued on eyes and antlers. We used a pom pom for the nose and Aubrey drew on a mouth. I was doing this by memory and I wish I had remembered the hand print antlers-that would have made them extra cute.

Olivia's-Painted all by herself. Mommy helped with the face.
Aubrey's- Painted, drew the mouth, and glued all by herself. Mommy helped with the cutting. We haven't painted in a while and I was so surprised how well she did. She really is improving so much (with everything).

P.S. the brown paint kind of looks like pudding so watch your little one close. Livy tried to eat it a few time-that's why we kept the Binky. Pudding would be fun to make these with.

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