Friday, January 4, 2019

January 7–13 Matthew 1; Luke 1 (Come Follow Me Lesson helps)

How is everyone's week going?  I hope you found some activities to help with your first week of "Come Follow Me."  We've been figuring things out over here and enjoying our time together learning more about the Savior.  I think the 10 Virgin's parable and game have been a favorite so far (it involves m&m's so who wouldn't like it :)

We are also loving the journals.  My little kids love gluing in their coloring pages and printables and my 10 year old loves having a special place to write and is also enjoying the fun printables as well.  I love having a place to keep notes and some of my favorite scriptures and quotes for the week.

You can find both of these activities and much more for week one  here.

As we are finishing up our lessons for the week I've found a few things that worked for us and a few that didn't.  The big one is I over planned for a regular week-I thought that would be the case.  We have been able to get to almost everything but with school starting back up again a full lesson almost every day isn't realistic.  Here's what I'm thinking we will try this upcoming week: 1 or 2 mini lessons (probably Sunday and FHE Monday) and daily family scripture study where we read and discuss the chapters for the week.  I wanted to make a detailed reading schedule with questions to ponder but as I started it just wasn't coming together.  I think my favorite thing about this curriculum is the flexibility to study what our families needs.  So I don't want to put this time into a little box I can check off but rather see where the Spirit guides our reading and discussions. 

Okay enough of my rambling :)  Here's are some fun lesson helps for the week of January 7-13, Matthew 1, Luke 1.  You can find all the printables at the end of this post.

Mini Lesson #1: Heavenly Father Answers Our Prayers (find sections in the primary manual & it relates to the section God's blessings come in His own time individual and family)
There are so many topics in this lesson but I decided I really want to focus on prayer this week.  How to pray, what we can pray for, and how answers and blessing come from Heavenly Father.

1. Prayer Sandwich demo and mini book.  

I saw this idea years ago and as I was reading through the lesson it popped into my head.  Grab some bread, peanut butter, and jelly.  Show your kids that a prayer is like a sandwich-top piece of bread (begin by saying "Dear Heavenly Father), add peanut butter-this is when we thank Heavenly Father for all of the things he has given us. Next we add the jelly or ask for things we need.  Finally we add the bottom piece of bread-finish "In the name of Jesus Christ Amen."  If would be fun to have your kids share some things they can thank and ask for while you make the sandwich.  Make a few extra for a yummy snack.
Next create a mini prayer sandwich book.  Print one for each family member (b&w option included-printing tip i always use my printer in the draft setting to save ink.  You do not loose much quality).  On the peanut butter and jelly write some things you are thankful for or can ask for.  Put it together with a brad, staple, hole punch & string...whatever you have will work.  We are going to add these to our journals along with the cute handout that says "How has Heavenly Father answered your prayers?"  There is space to draw or write in your answer.  This would also be a good time to share a story about a time one of your prayers were answered. 
UPDATE: I included another print option that will save you on ink and coloring time :)  I've divided each "piece of the sandwich" to its own page so you can print it directly on colored paper.  Ex. peanut butter on brown paper, Jelly on red or purple paper.  You will need to color the edge of the bread but that's it!

  Words on the sandwich come from the song "I Pray in Faith"

Optional activity:  Print the activity at the end of the primary lesson.  Cut the pieces apart.  Print one of the charts  (looks like the picture below) that is included in this download.  Use the chart to sort the pictures.

Mini Lesson #2: With God nothing is impossible. (idea in individual and family-ideas for family scripture study section & primary under teaching older children)
1. Review or act out stories of Elizabeth and Mary -ask what are some things that might seem impossible without God's power?
2. Wordstrips-cut apart and hide the different pieces around the room before you start your lesson.  Go on a hunt to find out what the Angel Gabrielle said on this topic.  Gather the wordstrips and work together to put the pieces in the correct order.
3. Next we are going to talk about a few other stories where Heavenly Father did something that seemed impossible.  2 ideas: Charades or pictionary-use the cards included to act our to draw some of the stories from the scripture.  There are a few blank ones to add your own. Another ideas is to split up into teams, set a timer and as a team write down as many stories or incidents as you can come up with in the set amount of time.  Once time is up share the stories you came up with.
4. Read the 1st paragraph under the chapter heading- "From a mortal perspective, it was impossible..." Print and cut out the journal card and answer the question.  There is space to draw or write your answer.  

Printable quotes from the lesson for you or those in your family that would like them :)
As I was reading through the lesson these two quotes stood out to me.  

If you want just the printables right click and save to your computer.  You can upload and print from your favorite print shop or paste in a word document, size, and print.  I like to do this if I need multiple copies of a print.  One of these would be great to share with your ministering sisters :)

Scripture Cards:  This week for FHE we are going to assign different tasks to family members (I'm sure many of you already do this).  We have our FHE board ready to go.  The person that has the scripture will be assigned to pick a scripture that will be displayed for the week.  One of the large (5x7) scripture cards would be a great place to write and hang on the fridge or where ever you want to place it.  The scripture can be from the assigned chapters, from their personal reading (where ever they may be), or a favorite scripture.  During FHE they will share the scripture and why they picked it.  This is just another way we are trying to place more of an emphasis on scripture study.
You can also use the blank cards to write your favorite scriptures or quotes and place in your journal or display.  There are 2 styles and 2 sizes.

Primary Lesson idea: I might update this after Sunday and figure how much time we will have for the lesson but right now this is my plan :)
Review story of Mary-use pictures from the Gospel art book-stop right after Mary asks how can this be?
Search for the wordstrips (idea from above) and find out what the Angel Gabriel said.  Work together to put the scripture together.  
Emphasis that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  I like the explanation in the section teaching  younger kids (1st activity under Jesus Christ is the son of God)

Next review or show video clip from about Elisabeth and Zacharias.  Emphasis that Heavenly Father answers our prayers.  Share a time he answered one of your prayers.  Print the chart from the download (black and white) and the pieces from the coloring activity at the of the primary lesson for each child.  Help them cut ,sort, and glue.  If time color.  If you teach young children have the pieces cut ahead of time.

Adorable graphics from Melonheadz Jen Hart Design Graphics From the Pond Instruct and Inspire  and Fonts by Hello Literacy


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