Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Frozen Water Bead Science

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We've been learning about snow and ice this week.  For this experiment we explored how different temperatures of water melt ice.
You'll need:
Water -hot, cold, warm
turkey baster, eye dropper, or something similar
We also used a toy shovel (optional)

 If you have never tried water beads before you should!  My daughter came home with some a couple weeks ago and they are so fun.  Super weird to touch but you can't help but play with them.  They come super tiny and you let them sit in water and they grow!  Then I like to add them to sensory bins or just let your little one play (scoop, shovel, etc).  I took a couple handfuls of beads (full sized from being in water) and froze them in a bowl. I should tell you once they are frozen they will break and can not be used again.  Good thing they are inexpensive :)
 Once they were completely frozen we used our turkey baster to squeeze different temperatures of water on the beads and observed how fast the ice seemed to melt.  Our goal was to find the best and fasted way to separate the beads.  We made observation and tested different theories.  During experiments like this I like to let her take take the lead.  I ask some questions to expand her thinking but let her work on it and figure things out. The shovel was her idea-she used it to gently tap the bead apart once the ice started melting.  If was a fun experiment and fun to see her little mind work.

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