Friday, January 18, 2019

Come Follow Me: John 1 (January 21-27)

I have some really fun and as always FREE lesson helps for you today that go along with the next Come Follow Me Lesson (John 1 for January 21-27).  Oh my goodness there is so much in this chapter.  I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do this week so if it looks like a jumbled mess that's because my brain was going a hundred different ways :)  I wanted to to focus on 3 things this week: Jesus created all things, growing our testimonies of the Savior, and sharing the gospel.  Again I pulled ideas from all 3 manuals in case you are wondering how I came up with these topics (individual & family, primary, and Sunday school).  If you have any trouble downloading or have questions about the activities please let me know!  Also I wanted to thank all of you that have taken the time to stop by, those that have left comments, and those that have shared my site.  I've seen so much growth in the past month and I know its because of all of you so thank you thank you :)

Jesus Created all things (John 1:3):
1. For the little ones: Nature Scavenger hunt you can use this page and check off items as you see them.  Another fun thing I've done in the past was to give each of my kids a paper bag and let them gather different items from outside.  We brought them in and made a collage with their collections.

2. Older kids (or younger kids on teams): Play this quick ABC Creation game.  Instructions are on the page.

3. Make play-dough creations.  Have everyone think of one of their favorite creation and make it out of play-dough.  If you aren't a big fan of play-dough you can always draw or paint a picture instead.

I can grow my testimony of the Savior:  I really loved the into to the lesson in the individual and family manual.  I plan to read that as I use the flower visual below.

Before the lesson Print the flower pot, and flower-cardstock works best.  Cut out the flower, leaves and stem.  Use scissors or preferably and exacto knife and cut across the top line of the flower pot.  You are going to slide your flower into the pot-the flower and a little bit of stem will be showing but it should sit as low as it can without the stem being longer then the flowerpot page.
As you read the paragraph and get to the part where is say " " You will begin to pull your flower up revealing each leaf with the coordinating words.  After discuss how your testimony is like a flower and as you do these things (maybe list some other thing you can do as well) your testimony will grow just like this flower.

roll a flower game-this can be just for fun to go with the flower theme or you can have them share something they know about Jesus or a way they can strengthen their testimonies each time they add a piece to their flower.
If you have never played a "roll the ______" game here's a quick how to.   There are 2 options
Option 1: The first is very printer friendly.  Just print the page with the dice.  You can do one for each player or just share the main page and use your own blank paper.  The first player will roll a dice.  If they get a 2 they will draw a flower pot.  Then then their turn is over.  If they already have rolled the number they do nothing and it moves to the next person.  Continue taking turns until someone has finished their flower.
Option 2: Use the pieces in the download to build a flower.  You will need to print off the dice page (for reference but do not need the bottom part of the page.)  You only need one.  Print off the pages with the flower pieces.  There are enough for 4 players.  If you need more print additional copies. I would recommend cardstock.  Cut the pieces apart.  Each player should have 6 petals, a flower pot, stem, leaf, and center circle.  Play like above but use the pieces to build your flower instead of drawing.  Its fun but does require more ink and prep work.

Extra idea: I found some small flower pots and seeds at the dollar store.  You can have them paint a pot and plant their "testimony seed."

Testimony page: I love the testimony of John in this chapter as well as the apostles as they realized that Jesus is the Christ.  After you read through these testimonies take some time to write your own testimony of the Savior.  There is space to write or draw :)

Share the gospel:  I love the phrase "Come and See." I have included the quote from the Sunday School Manual from Elder Anderson. Point out the chain reaction as one person realized that Jesus was the Christ they rushed to tell someone they cared about and in turn that person gained a testimony and told another. 
This video (Good things to share-find it at the end of the lesson) is great especially for kids that are a little older.  It shows how easily we share things we love with other and that the gospel can be the same way. 
Talk about some ways you can share the gospel now-even if you are small :)  Make these cute "I can be a missionary now" badge or necklace.  Cut and have them color.  For the badge take or pin to their shirt.  For a necklace hole punch and add string or yarn.  For a little extra fun string some fruit loops or beads on their necklace.

Additional idea: Read John 1:4-10 with a flashlight.  Talk about how Jesus is a light in our life and the world.  How can we be a light to the world?

I think that's everything for this week :)  Hopefully you find something that will work for your family or primary class. 


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