Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Hot Cocoa Fun (preschool activities)

What's better in the winter then a cup of hot chocolate?!?!  One of the great things about teaching preschool at home is we are not on a schedule and learning can happen any time!  The little ones wanted hot cocoa and it reminded me of a fun experiment I saw here.  Our quiet night quickly turned into a fun experience and with a couple ingredients you can do this too!

Magic Hot Cocoa Science Experiment

Fist up we made some magic hot cocoa!  While they were at the table I added some baking soda to the mug and then covered it with layer of cocoa mix.  They suspected nothing :)  I then gave them a cup of magic water (vinegar) and we said some magic words.  I let the little ones help with the words and I think it went something like "bibbity bobbity boo make this cocoa boil and brew."  Haha  let me know if you come up with some something :)
 Carefully pour in your magic water water and watch the magic happen
 His face haha! He was not sure about this magic cocoa
 This little girl was delighted and loved every second of it.
 We experimented a little more by using some of our 5 senses: seeing, smelling, touching, and I think at one point she tasted one of the bubbles.  We forgot hearing.  We talked about our observations
 We tried adding more magic water at different speeds...fast was pretty exciting!
 We even stirred it with a straw to see if anything would happen.
I think it was a successful experiment

Marshmallow Name Activity
We used mini marshmallows for some fine motor and name practice.
 Write their name on a piece of construction paper.  Using a glue bottle go over a letter or 2.  Have your little one follow the line of glue with marshmallows.

 Let them dry over night.

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow Counting Mat 
Finally we pulled out or hot chocolate and marshmallow counting mat.  I love making a counting mat for each theme.  This is my favorite style of mat of counting mat because it is low prep, easily adjust to their skill level by adding or take away numbers and you are only printing one page in color instead of individual cards for each number.
 To create print the pages in the download below.  Laminate. Cut number cards apart.  If you have used any of our other number mats you already have the numbers and don't worry about printing them again.
Place your number cards in the box-order doesn't matter.  Use tongs, fine motor tools (like this one), or fingers to add the correct number of marshmallows to the board.  Then clear the board and remove the card.  Continue through the stack of cards.  You can also do some simple addition or subtraction using two cards.  Place two numbers on top.  Add or take away the correct number of marshmallows.  count how many marshmallows are in the cup.

I love how a  few simple, low prep activities are packed with learning.  The best part is they are having so much fun they don't even realize its happening.

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