Monday, December 31, 2018

2019 New Year Resolution Printable and Goal Tracker

Happy New Years Eve!  I love the New Year and the feeling of a fresh start.  There is just something about making new goals and a feeling of determination mixed in with excitement.
 I have set some pretty big goals for myself this year and I can't wait to share some of those with you over the next few weeks.

Today I have some awesome printables to help you meet some of your goals this year.  The first is a place to record your goals. It's pretty so you will want to display it where you can see it every day! Try and be specific with your goals-it works. For example instead of saying I want to loose weight put a number to it or instead of saying I want to learn how to play the piano decide how many songs you want to learn.  If its measurable its easier to stick to.    
The second is a daily goal tracker.  This will work for most goals or break down some of those big goals into mini goals (or habits you want to create).   For example if you goal is to loose weight one spot can be exercise daily  or drink 8 glasses of water a day. If you goal is to be a better mom break it down into a mini manageable goals you can track for example spend 15 minutes playing with my child without distractions.  As you come to the end of the 30 days evaluate and add it to your next 30 days or change it.  As you work towards small manageable goals each month you will be amazed at the changes you see in your self and the progress you are making towards your big goals.

Remember these goals are for you and there is not a one size fits all for any of us and none of us are going to be perfect in our path to achieving our goals.  And you know what...That is Okay.  If you miss a day its okay, move on and try again the next day.  That's why its a good idea to track your progress not just the result.  As you look at your sheet and see all of the check marks you are motivated to keep going and as you look at your sheet and notice a lot of empty spots it's your motivation to refocus on that goal.  

*If you goal is something that does not require you to do something every day for example you want to work out 3 days a week or play the piano 2 days a week draw a line through those days you do not need to worry about and focus on filling in the empty boxes.

A little bonus for you.  Like me I'm sure many of you have the goal to loose weight, eat better, etc. Shari's Berries has an amazing post on mood boosting foods.  You can find it here.  Choosing healthy food options is something I struggle with and this breaks down not just what to eat but the benefits of each food.  I love that these are not just good for your body but also your mind.  Here's what they have to say "...there’s a wide variety of foods that promote both physical and psychological benefits, including a reduction in stress levels, relieving anxiety and even fighting depression. Now that’s something to feel good about!."    There are 19 different food in 4 different categories and chocolate is on the list :) I'll be printing out their adorable help chart and using it in my efforts to eat healthier this year.

Also if weight loss is on your mind you may find this post and free trackers helpful.

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