Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Reindeer Color Matching Game

This free reindeer matching game is a fun way to practice color recognition and matching skills.  It's quick to prep which makes it even better!  Print the 4 pages.  The 2 with the border will be your game board and it is ready to go.  Cut around the candy and the reindeer on the other two pages.  I recommend printing on cardstock.  Also you can laminate for extra durability.  If you have clear Velcro use it but we often use it without and it works just fine.  You can also glue the two game boards into a file folder and glue an envelope to the outside to store all of your pieces. I prefer to laminate my game and store the small pieces in a sandwich bag.

I included 2 options for this match game and you can use both or pick one based on skill.  For those little learners without much matching practice start with the reindeer option.  Point out the nose color and watch them quickly catch on.  For those up for a little more of a challenge. Have them "feed" (match) the reindeer his favorite color of candy. Even if they are a pro at matching they will love this new spin.  Don't forget say the different colors.

*Want to save some ink or have another fun way to play?  Print just the board game pages (the 2 pages with the border) and use colored pompom for your matching pieces.  Add some tweezers for some great fine motor skill practice.

Come back tomorrow for another fun game to play with this set of printables!

Adorable graphics use with permission from Krista Wallden - Creative Clips

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