Saturday, December 1, 2018

I can Show Love for Animals (Primary 2 Lesson 44) Free Primary Helps

Lesson 44 I can show love for animals found here.  This is such a fun lesson to end the year.  I've added a few lesson helps that go right along with the activities in the book.  I hope there is something here that you can use for your class.  I'm working on the Christmas lesson and it will be posted some time next week and that's it for this book!  I just started looking over next years Come Follow me curriculum and I am so excited about it.  I think I am going to to share some ideas for primary as well as some ideas we are going to use at home (my kids range from 9 months to 13 so there will be a variety of ideas).  I think there will be a little trial and error as I figure out the best way to plan and share these ideas.   If you have any suggestions, requests, or something you think would be a nice addition please let me know :)  

Noah's Ark Animal match game (Attention activity):  There are 12 cute animals.  Print 2 (preferably on cardstock).  Cut and you are ready to play.

 For a little extra fun print out Noah and his boat.  Cut the entrace out.  As the kids find a match let them help the animals board the ark :)

 I placed the boat in front of an open box but anything that will hold it up straight will work.

 The cards fit perfectly if turned at an angle.
 We like to do activities like this during preschool and my kids LOVE it!

Activity: I thought the little action verse was cute.  I create a coloring page to go along with it.  That way the kids can remember the words and show their parents.  You can keep it as a coloring page or cut along the lines and staple to make a mini book.

The last one goes with enrichment activity #4.  The guessing game. The idea is to read the clue, let them guess and then open the "door" to see if they are correct.  *I did change the wording of the robin clue slightly because I didn't have a picture of a robin.  So the answer is bird :)

To make print both pages.  Set the animal picture one aside.

Carefully cut cut the 2 short edges and 1 of the long edges of each box to create little doors.  I used an exacto knife but you can try scissors it just might not be as pretty :)
Glue the question game directly on top of the animal picture page.  The doors and animals should line up.  If the doors are opening too much after being cut you might want to add a little piece of tape to keep the closed until you are ready to open them.  
*If creating doors really isn't working for you here are a couple of other ways you can use these prints.  1) cut the squares out completely and glue the animal picture to the back.  Flip it over to reveal the answer.  2) Glue the question to an envelope and place the animal picture inside the envelope.  3) For younger kids lay all of the animal pictures on the table or floor face up.  Read the clue and have them look for the correct animal.  If you have some other ideas please leave them in the comments :)

Download here and here

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  1. These are soo cute! Thanks for the ideas. My Primary kids are going to love them.

    1. Thanks and you are very welcome! Thanks for stopping by :)