Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Reindeer Math game and I spy reindeer colors

Yesterday I shared an adorable reindeer color match game and as promised here are 2 more activities to use with the match pieces (reindeer and candy) you cut out. 

The first game is a fun guessing game that will introduce your little ones to subtraction or counting up, counting down from 10, etc.  You will need one of the reindeer (pick any color and name him) and all 10 pieces of candy.  Have your child close their eyes and hide some candy under the reindeer.  When they open their eyes have them guess how many pieces of candy the reindeer ate.  You can let them guess or show them some different strategies to reach the correct number.  For older kids you can also have them say or write the equation. For the example below I would say we only have 4 pieces of candy left so Rudolph ate 6!  10-4=6

No new printables needed for this one...If you printed the match game then you are ready to go.  If not you can find it here.

The second activity focuses on colors.  Use the reindeer you cut out from the match game and hide them around the room. When your child finds one have them yell out the color.  For some extra practice print this cute I spy... page.  Once a reindeer is found have them locate the color that matches their reindeer's nose and cross it off.  I like to laminate it and use white board markers to make it reusable.  If you have a clipboard use it!  My kids love carrying their I spy sheets around on a clip board. 

Download the I spy... page here.  Again the reindeer can be found in this post :)

Check back tomorrow for some more Christmas Preschool printables!!!

Adorable graphics use with permission from Krista Wallden - Creative Clips, PrettygrafikCreating4 the Classroom Mather's Music, and fonts by Hello Literacy.

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