Thursday, March 23, 2017

Free worksheets to help keep track of your fitness & wight loss progress

Fitness is so far out of my comfort zone.  I've never liked exercising and I really love cookies and ice cream.  So if you were hoping for some fitness or weight loss advice sorry I'm not the girl to ask.  You can checkout my motivation pinterest board for some awesome ideas.  

I started to get serious about working out in January (new years resolution!) and I've really enjoyed it.  Yeah never thought I would say that.  However, the numbers on the scale have not moved at all unless you count it going up!!! Yeah almost 3 months and I weigh the exact same.  So I know there are changes happening and I feel so much better even though the scale isn't showing the results. So I decided to make a few worksheets for myself to track things better (weight, inches, goals, and water.) One thing I really need to do better is drinking water so I included that as well.  I thought they might be useful to some of you so download whatever ones work for you.
Here's a quick break down of each.  Sorry there isn't a great picture of these...I tried screen shots and taking a picture.  I'll try to fix this and update.  You can click on the download link to see the actual worksheet.

The Fitness Goal tracker has a place for the decide how often to check in.  I did include a box for weight and then 3 empty spaces.  add your own goals (# of push up, no desert for the week, etc) or leave them empty.  The bottom has a spot for your goal so you always have that in mind.

 We did a weight loss challenge as a family last year (actually we measured by body fat percentage loss) and I really liked this way.  My weight again didn't go down much but I lost inches and body fat.  It was pretty exciting see.  We used this website to calculate (Its on the worksheet for a quick reference). When I did a search it seemed to be the most accurate one I could find but use whatever you want or just keep track of the measurements.  This is just a starting and an end date.  In between I checked a few areas like my waist and thighs but give yourself a few months before calculating again.  

 Finally the water tracker.  I put mine in a sheet protector and use a white board marker to check off each glass of water.  

If you have any tips, favorite workouts, recipes, etc.  Let me know!  

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