Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Make your own babysitting kit

This is an activity I just did with my activity day girls.  There are 14 of them between the ages of 8-11.  Some are getting ready to start babysitting on their own but most are a little too young.  I'll go more into the activity below.
Most of you probably don't need an idea for activity days but many of you are mothers that use a babysitter.  This would be really fun to put together for you own kids next time you go out. Believe me this will stop the crying and complaining and you might be a little sad they want you to leave.  Just Kidding but your kids will love it because mine are so excited about this.
Also if you have a daughter that babysits it would be fun to create a kit for her to take to her babysitting jobs.  
I used a gallon sized Ziploc bag for cost (remember the 14 girls!)  but if you are doing this for your family or have fewer girls I would have loved to get a cute canvas bag or something a little bigger and sturdier. However, I didn't realize being able to see into the bag can help build up excitement.  So whatever you have works.

 Here's what we added to our bags and they were encouraged to add a few things from home as well.  Everything was very inexpensive.  Some ideas to add would be a board game, a favorite toy, coloring books, snacks, etc.

A fun game to add to your kit is Don't eat Pete.  You can find it here.  For our activity I gave each girl the black and white copy to color.
This is a worksheet we used for our activity but may be useful to you as well (there are 2 sides).  We talked about some of their favorite songs and added them as well as other ideas for games and activities.  On the back there is a spot to add some notes about safety and anything else you think they need to know.

Download here.   I printed this double sided

kit labels
You can download the labels for the bag here. We attached them with washi tape just for fun.

Activity Days: This covers one of the service requirements (learn and show you can take care of younger children.).  Most of my girls are young and not ready to babysit yet but I don't think this skill applies only to babysitting but I knew they would love making this kit.  We discussed how they can use their babysitting kits now with their younger siblings.  This requirement is under service so they brainstormed some times they could "babysit" at home such as when mom is making dinner or is sick.  We talked about keeping the younger kids safe (chocking hazards, watching them closely, following rules, and what to do if there is an accident).  Also bring up when babysitting its their job to "actively" watch and play with the child and cleaning up after they are done.  We used the worksheet above for them to take notes.  It would also be fun to play some of the games if you have time.
After this we assembled our kits and they had a few minutes to color their game.  We finished by making some easy dirt cup treats. (pudding cup, 2 smashed oreos, 1 gummy worm).

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