Wednesday, March 29, 2017

General Conference Basket and Hide and Seek Activity

*update: Find your updated October 2017 note cards here.

General Conference weekend is my favorite.  I love that we fill our weekend with family time and listening to the words of the prophet and apostles.  It is so uplifting.  As you know one of the challenging parts if you have younger children in your home is to actually hear and focus on what is being taught. I've tried many things over the years, some successful, and others not so much.  This year we are going to keep it simple.  Before I could even ask my kids if they had any ideas they asked if we could do the "packets" again.  So  we will have a word search, Bingo, I spy game, coloring pages, and a few toddler activities.  There are so many fun options I'll be linking to the ones we are going to use in tomorrows post along with a few other fun ideas I found.   

Here's what we will be doing.  

Conference Basket.  I filled a basket with some fun items I had around the house.  This is just to keep them entertained, in the room, and hopefully focus on the talks. Its hard sitting that long.  It contains a puzzle, their "conference pack" on the clip board, a game, crayons, stickers, play dough (and a play dough mat), bubbles, candy, match game, bubbles, their prophet and apostle fact cards, a little craft project from Targets Dollar section, and a few other little things.  

Other ideas that didn't fit in the basket: build a temple with legos or play dough, and make a special treat, puzzles for the younger kids.  I always let them bring blankets and pillows and I'm sure we'll see lots of barbies and trains.

The basket if fun but our main activity is going to be General Conference Hide and Seek.  I wanted a way for my kids to not just hear the talks but actually listen to them.  In the past I've printed off cute note taking pages but they don't really get used. So I decided we will take notes together this year but here's where the hide and seek come in.  
*feel free to change this idea to fit your family or just use the cards with out the game!  I kind of want a set for myself. (download is at the end)

I made these cute cards (one for the prophet and the apostles as well as some blank ones).  Print them out and cut them apart (I recommend cardstock).  There are 2 cute cover page options that we will use later.  Since we don't know who else will be speaking you can use the blank cards if you want.  I am not going to hide these ones and we will add a few people to each card.

 Hide them around the room or house before conference starts.  

 When you know who will be speaking next it time to find the right card.  (This is where the pause button comes in handy so they don't miss any of the talk especially if you hide them in other parts of the house).  
 Listen to the talk and take a few notes together.  This can be as simple as you want to make it. The main idea of the talk is great, a favorite story, anything that stands out to you and your kids.  I picture ours will say something like...he talked about being kind to our family, or "The Holy Ghost."  
After conference gather all your cards and cute cover and create a book by stapling them together or hole punching the top and add a ring.
You'll have a cute reference as you study the talks through out the year.  I plan to use these for future family home evening lessons.

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