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Preparing for General Conference FHE (Fishers of Men)

Update October 2018: You can find the new apostles added in this post along with some fun facts! 

With General Conference this week I wanted to do something special for FHE.  I just finished putting this together and haven't even printed or tried it out but I wanted to get it to you as soon as possible.  With that being said let me know if anything needs to be fixed or have any questions.  I think my kids are really going to like it.

We are going to be learning some fun facts about the apostle and prophets so they might recognize some of them as they speak but more importantly we are going to talk about why we have a prophet and apostle, why we have conference and how we can be spiritually prepare to hear their messages.  This is just my outline.  Add whatever you think would be best for your family.

You can download The games and quote here. 

The Theme is "Follow me, and I will make you Fishers of Men"

Start with  this clip (Bible story fishers of men)
Ask questions such as "what do you think Jesus was asking them to do?  What does it mean to be a fisher of men?  Do you think it would have been hard to leave?)

Game (have them raise their hand when they know the answer but do not say it out loud):

He is also like the disciples in Jesus's time that left their nets and followed him.  The prophet and apostles in our day are also "Fishers of Men."  They Follow Jesus Christ and help spread his message.

I like this quote from Elder Scott D. Whiting  Talk found here. (If you have teens I think the beginning of this talk would be really good to use.)
"I have thought of this example many times as I have considered that those who stand at the head of the Church have responded with similar faith to the invitation to “follow me.” Like the ancient Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is led by prophets and apostles, who have forsaken their nets and their hard-earned professions and have developed new skills in order to serve and follow the Master."

Fishing Game. You can use this game however you want.  I included all 15 but you can use just a few or all them.   I am going to put the names on the back and use our apostle fact cards for the pictures. I was going to make my own but there are lots of great ones already (search pinterest) .  We are using this set. has all of their pictures and Bios here if you don't want to print anything out. When we catch a fish we will read the name find him in our book and read a few fun facts about him.  To make it a little harder match the name with the picture only.

To make the game: Print (card stock works best) and Cut out the fish.  On the back glue/tape either the names or the pictures (also included in the download). Slide a paper clip on each fish (a magnet works too).  For the pole I like to use a wooden dowel, tie yarn to the end and glue 2 button magnets to the end on the yarn.

Ask How can we prepare for General Conference?

Finish with this video.  This is a short clip of some of the apostles and the prophet bearing testimony of the Savior.  Its my favorite.  I think its so important for my children not to just read the words of the prophet but to actually hear and see the prophet speak.  What better message then one of the Savior.

The link doesn't work but how cute would this be for a treat. (pretzels, licorice, and gold fish)

Adorable fish clip art from here.

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