Friday, March 3, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Activity Days

Update: I now have a new St. Patrick's day treasure hunt for activity days.  You can find it here.

Here's a cute and fun activity that fits in perfectly with St. Patrick's day.  We covered the Faith in God requirements and worked on the Articles of Faith.  

St. Patty's day brownie bites (I bought mine from Walmart) and green grapes

Faith in God Treasure hunt.  
This activity was inspired by this cute post.

I hid clues and puzzle pieces around the church. I hid one of each in the same area but in different spots.  We have 14 girls so I wanted to give more of them a chance to find something.

I started with something like...Lucky you we are going on a treasure hunt today.  We are looking for a very special treasure so first you need a few instructions: follow the clues, stay together, remember you are in the church so please do not run, take turns,  and in addition to the clue there will be a puzzle piece please collect them and  please don't loose them.
 Their treasure.  We put the puzzle together before I passed out the treats.  They ate them as we went over the requirements.  We have a lot of new girls and it was a great reminder for the girls that have been in for a while.

Here's the handout:  Copy and paste in a word document and size. I kept mine at 4x4 but they are a little too big for my bags but easy to read.  
You can download my puzzle and clues.  I'm not very creative in this department so I included blank ones too.

I also introduced our Faith in God Challenge cards.  I found the idea on Little LDS ideas. We used one of her card this month

Articles of Faith Basketball
idea found here.  Don't forget your green bucket.  We divided into 3 teams and I brought 3 different colors of paper we reused.  The girls LOVED it!

I Introduced our Articles of Faith Ice Cream Challenge.  Idea from here.  I brought a little box with punch cards, articles of faith prints, and a hole punch.  We will use this too keep track of the one they pass off and have our party in June.

Left over time played Don't eat Pete.  found here.  Don't forget to use Lucky Charms!

I wasn't sure how this activity would go but the girls had so much fun and asked if we could do it again next week.  The biggest reward was to see them trying to pass off Articles of Faith and being excited for their 2 new challenges.  

You can find some of our other Activity Day ideas here including my Faith in God workbook for the girls.

adorable clip art from 

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