Saturday, March 9, 2019

St. Patrick's Day Activity Days

We just had Activity Days and we did a fun St. Patrick's Day treasure hunt and worked on passing off one of the requirements in their Faith in God books.  We talked about baptismal covenants and how we renew them each week when we take the sacrament. It fits well with Learning and Living the Gospel #1.  They took home this cute bookmark that they can place in their scriptures and review during the sacrament (in the download at the end of this post)

A couple of years ago we did a treasure hunt for St. Patrick's day and it was a big hit.  Most of my girls are new so we went with the same concept but a different topic and tweaked the idea a bit.

Here's a bit of my set up. A lot of this came from the Dating Diva's blog.  You'll want to head over there and print the clues, task cards, and activities-its the 2nd download link.  I did adjust a couple of the activities to work with activity days (theirs is for a family).  So I did NOT print the last 2 pages of their download.  I also used gold coins from the dollar store so I did not print the coin page either.  If you are at a church you will need to create your own clues.  We have activity days at my house so I was able to use the ones provided.  In my other activity I do have clue cards for the church and blank ones if you would like to create your own. 

In the download below I included 
1. "I'm lucky to have you cards"- in place of the just a note cards.  I had the girls pick a person and write why they were lucky to have them.  Most of my girls wrote a note to each other :)  
2. Find 5 things that are green.  Theirs is more specific and didn't quite work for our group.
3. Don't eat Pete game.  They have one included but I already had one made so I just used mine :)

I still used their task cards for these activities.  I love the cute rhymes.

I placed the clues, task cards, items for each task and a puzzle piece in each bag.  The puzzle piece in the page below cut into pieces.  Have the girls save these pieces for later.  As they find each clue bag they need to complete the task before they move on and find the next clue.  This was a really fun addition to the game.  It does take a while so plan accordingly.

 For our treasure at the end I had a bucket of starburst but skittles or chocolate coins would be cute!

After the treasure hunt we put the puzzle together and discussed baptismal covenants and how they renew them each week during sacrament.  We ran out of time but I planned to play the match game found in this post.  Instead of using the "promise" cards we were going to place the matches under the different sides of the rainbow puzzle.

For our treat we made brownie parfaits found here.

We finished off making rainbow bracelets.
Download free printables Here

Our other can St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt found here

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